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Sarah ([personal profile] sweettart1823) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily2010-09-24 12:56 pm

4 pages from Teen Titans #78

So because I was rereading this and because it hasn't been posted from what I saw. It's relevant with Rose going back to the Titans. And I actually did enjoy it so yeah...

They just had a Zombie beating family bonding moment so you guys know.

Soo the obvious question that this poses, "where the hell is Joey?" Though of course the answer I'm fine with "He's hanging out off panel so he doesn't have to be involved with the horribleness that is his fathers Titans."

Also is Rose still looking for her mother? AND is Rose still on the adrenaline drugs? I think she is, I got the feeling from her talk with Roy that she was. But is she going to be hallucinating while she's on the Teen Titans? Hm.

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