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Following on from Part 1, may I present the continuing adventures of Stanley and his Monster, as envisioned by Phil Foglio in 1993.

Yes, this is the one with the scruffy blond dissolute urban magician, oh, and a Foglio created sexy demoness.

I make no apology for spending two pages of my allocation on this scene, I just love it....

For those unfamiliar with the name, it's (presumably) a pseudonym, taken from the satirst Ambrose Bierce, who, amongst other things, wrote "The Devils Dicrtionary" which, despite it's title, is a satirical piece of humour, rather than anything paranormal.

But I digress, as the Monster, left alone in Stanley's treehouse finds himself confronting something scarier than JUST a demon, she's a demoness who was also his ex!!

Nyx says she's been dispatched to bring him back to hell. The Monster tries to explain how his outlook has changed, especially since they had a relationship.

Nyx is incensed by this... THING, feeling pity for her, and for making her feel BAD about being a demon. Let's just say it gets rather violent, involvling slashing claws, elbow spikes, spitting fury and the threat of an extra large bottle of industrial strength hair remover.

At this point Folgio plays his one-per-story "Insanely convenient plot twist" (He says so in the footnote) and a bolt of lighting strikes the tree-fort, allowing the Monster a moment to escape. Back at the Dover's Stanley worries about his pet...


Ambrose appears at the door, claiming a flat tyre in the rainstorm and having a convertible with the roof stuck open. Of course, he's invited in.

Ambrose is instantly alert, NO-ONE without some magical experience would have heard of John Constantine...

So now he's knows he's in the right house, there IS a demon, but he doesn't know who it is (though a trick backfiring waterpistol full of holy water proves it's not Stanley). The Monster arrives back at the house and assumes that Nyx must have beaten him there and is using a disguise spell. There's only one thing to do...

Love that line! :) (Also, again, a very Bloom County feel to Ambrose for some reason)

Meanwhile can you spot Nyx's cunning disguise...

It's been a few years since she's been on Earth, alas.

So Ambrose and the Monster start talking and the Monster explains his situation (And the Monster clearly doesn't mind Ambrose's cigarette habit.. though I wouldn't recommend doing it in front of Stanley)

The disguise didn't work so Nyx assumes her true form, and starts attacking Stanley and his family (Bear in mind that Mr and Mrs Dover have until now led completely normal lives. One's first experience to the outre side of DCU life being Nyx manifesting in their living room is not an easy introduction)

Thanks to Nyx trying to use the waterpistol and getting a face full of Holy Water, and the Monster basically walloping her (as noted, he's a fundamentally peaceful being, UNLESS Stanley or an innocent is endangered) she's out for the count... for a short time.

Nyx had used a sleep spell on Mr and Mrs Dover, so they're out of the loop for now...

Ambrose offers to destroy Nyx, but the monster demurs, Nyx meant a lot to him once upon a time, and he can't bring himself to see her killed. So a plan in hatched, and when Nyx recovers she finds that Bierce has been busy.

Okay, note to DC Direct: Monster plushie.... NOW dammit!

When Nyx threatens to destroy the Monster and Bierce (Who she assumes is John Constantine too), Stanley intervenes, which is brave, VERY brave, but not very wise.

So Nyx departs with the Monster and returns to Hell, there she presents the Monster to Remiel and Dumas (Love the shirt)

It's at this point that the fact that the Monster is NOT under a binding spell, but an illusion spell, and it turns out that Nyx has brought one of Stanley's old toys to Hell, rather than the Monster. The angels are not best pleased by this...

Back on Earth, the Monster emerges from behind the couch (Yes, it's too small for him, but it's a power he has, he usually sleeps under Stanley's bed after all, and Stanley never questioned that because everyone knows there are ALWAYS monsters under the bed, it's just his is friendly). He knows that the illusion won't hold for long, and Ambrose offers the Monster the use of a protective amulet he always carries to make him invisible to demonic scans, more out of habit than anything else.

Things get more confusing in the last page, when Mr and Mrs Dover now having recovered, walk into their living room, to discover Bierce, Stanley AND a nine-foot tall red, shaggy Monster all present!


To be continued, obviously.

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As you say, it probably worked out for the best. Although the idea of the actual Constantine having these shenanigans as part of his canon would be pretty amusing too.


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