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Well, in answer to the earlier request by Benicio127, I present a nine-page spread of Batman #497, part of the Knightfall storyline…
To summarize, Bane has broken out all the inmates from arkham, and is systematically setting up batman for the ultimate defeat. Batman has rounded up most threats, but is TOTALLY exhausted. He’s beaten 3 of Bane’s lead henchmen and returned to Wayne Manor where he finally finds…

The two exchange formalities, the fear and fatigue on Bruce’s face is haunting…

Despite the odds, Batman doesn’t back down, he cowls-up and engages Bane head on…the fight tears through the house and eventually into the batcave…

Which leads to the climatic case smashing…

Batman regains his footing, but it’s too much, too little, too late…The lack of sleep, chasing those villains down, the henchmen, Bane easily has his way…

Fans of the Animated Series will remember the same line used in the episode Bane was in…

And just like Buster Douglas knocking out Tyson…it’s done, the impossible happens, and Bane prepares for the finale…

The crack heard around the world…

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