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JSA has just space jump the magic shark....

Just saw the preview for the newest issue of JSA, and... well... I think their needs to be some explanation....

The story takes place on the moon, where Scott built that city (didn't he help build the a watchtower on the moon? Remember that? Where the JLA's base on the moon? Seems like decades since then.) and... SOMEHOW it become populated by magically creatures...

Okay, I haven't read the last issue, where the JSA had to fight some ancient Mayan Gods of whatever. But I am bit confuse. WHY are these magically beings are drawn to Scott's city on the moon? I thought they had their own plane of existence on earth, or from what I learned from the New Krypton arcs.... in fact this seems JUST like it, only with less promotion. I am all for the combination of Fantasy and Science, but I can enjoy it when somebody explains it? Governing a magic city on the moon is a job for GA Green Lantern? Speaking of magic, what's happening with the Marvel Family, we had a cannon story since the Wizard took Billy and Mary's powers away and is out for Freddy, what about that? Shouldn't there be a focus on THAT story concept?

I feel like Obsidian in this picture.

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Well the the Starheart (i believe) is magical in origin. i believe it was even stated to be the essence, or part of the essence of magick itself... so Alan as master of the Starheart kinda became a beacon for magic.

dont think this is a Jump the shark moment though, not in my opinion.