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There have been a few references here and there about how "The Brave and the Bold" sounds like the name of a soap opera. And it seems it *was* a soap opera in the DCU, according to ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #497. Story by Jerry Ordway, art by Tom Grummett. Also, some bruiser named Doomsday is causing trouble.

This is back when Lois had dark red hair and Cat wasn't a hateful anti-Kryptonian bitch.

The Superman books had fun with Pre-Crisis references. Jimmy Olsen briefly turned into Elastic-Lad after being exposed to the Eradiactor and had a part-time job as children show host, Turtle Boy.

At this time, Lex Luthor was in a clone body, pretending to be his own son. Supergirl (at least *this* Supergirl) wasn't from Krypton, but was from a pocket universe.

What would a soap opera called "The Brave and the Bold" be about? At the very least, it could make a cute "in-joke" somewhere.

"She was really good on 'The Brace and the Bold,' though I couldn't get how she didn't realize her fiance was also a mysterious masked hero. Like she couldn't recognize her boyfriend's jawline?"
"That's just suspension of disbelief. It's needed for things like that."
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