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So we deliver-

Not quite as bland as Archie, yet still charming and unoffensive in an Andy Griffith-like way, I must admit, these early Patsy Walker stories are somewhat addictive.
This one is from MISS AMERICA #3, December 1944.

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Yay! Addictive, indeed.

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"I'm glad she's not my girl!"

Yeah, Mickey, so am I, given that she's your sister.

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I know that Patsy's doing the superhero thing these days, but I kind of wonder whatever happened to Hedy.

Also, Patsy/Hedy = OTP.

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You'd never have expected her to be treking across Alaska with a magical Polar bear when she grew up. XD

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Patsy, lady, how do you get your hair to do that? Also please mail me all these bits from your wardrobe you no longer need, being a spandex hero now.

..But what the heck is so alluring about secretaries, anyway?

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LOVE the blatant 'support your red cross' propaganda here.

Also, TOTALLY digging what looks like black lipstick on Patsy. I know it's just the dark print, but I'm just gonna be over here fantasizing that the girl's a member to the Suicide Girls.

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A lot of enjoyable stuff in this strip. Thanks again for posting these.

I particularly like -

The little figure of Father Time in the narrative box going "Phew"

The way Patsy occasionally gets Shakespearean in her speech when she's feeling worked up. ("I shall be a career woman! Farewell till this eve!") This happened in the other episode, it's a nice bit of characterization.

The woman at the employment agency toying with Buzz. She's bored and having with this handsome young man by pretending to misunderstand what he's saying. And she gets him a job anyway.

And speaking of Junior Nurses Aides, whatever happened to Candy Stripers? High school girls volunteering to help in hospitals.. they ran errands, picked things up and chatted with patients, cheering everyone up. Maybe the practice was discontinued when people became inclined to sue for any possible excuse?