Date: 2009-04-27 05:54 pm (UTC)
I don't know about DKR. On one hand, I think the bashing it is getting here is a little overzealous, I mean, even Miller's whoreswhoreswhores viewpoint doesn't hold up that well past Selina, since both Carrie Kelly (who's name always escapes me for some reason) and the new commissioner were both pretty awesome. It also has some themes beyond its stupendous bleakness, such as how it ultimately ends on a positive note, Bruce realising that the world doesn't have to become darker, and focusing on life rather than death.

On the other of course it goes way to far on the Millermetre (hmm,get it?) and inspired a whole era of Superman haters and Batgod stories. It also goes off the deep and creepy end quite a few times, and the mutants are a mix of scary and utter hilarious 80's styling.

Overall I wouldn't say it's a terrible book, I like to read it occasionally to see if I can still make my mind up on it. Best Bat book EVER!11!? No way. But neither is it horrible trash, for at the very least it has some clever and intriguing moments. But yeah, this scene was not my all.
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