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and God bless them for that! Another couple of episodes of this most magnificent of shows has aired and has a couple of comic-book geek moments making this worthy of a legality post (Anyone notice how most of my legality posts feature "Brave and the Bold", because I just did!)

First up, "Emperor Joker"

The pre-credit sequence has been long promised! A case from the files of the Bat-Computer

I won't spoil the explanation as to why he's wearing the costumes, but it's not the same as the one in the original comic (Which I don't think has been posted here, may have to do something about that)

And yes, they do shake hands a few second later before the titles roll.

Then we get to the episode. There's even a sort of pre-story sequence, with Batman fighting that most terrible of bad guys... The.. ummm... Ten-Eyed Man!

A visiting Bat-Mite is worried for Batman, after all, he's read Ten-Eye'd Man's entry in "DC Who's Who" and knows that he's ex-Special Forces.

And yes, that is what those pages looked lik in that issue... Seriously, the fourth wall isn't so much broken here as crushed underfoot and tap-danced over... I LOVE IT! :)

Bat-Mite shows Batman his shrine to the greatest hero-villain dynamic in history... The more eagle eyed among you will spot one of the most surprising references even THIS show has ever made....

The Joker's Utility Belt (Batman #73) (I now want this scene to made as a collectible )

The Laughing Fish (detective 475)

And.. "A Death in the Family"... Yup, they went there, Bat-Mite even explains the fan's involvement in the fate of Jason Todd (He doesn't say which way HE voted, but I think we can guess from the way he says it)

I never thought I'd see THAT in "The Brave and the Bold". Note that Batman doesn't react to this, he doesn't confirm it, but he doesn't deny it either.

But he has a spare display left, so Bat-Mite "arranges" for Joker and Batman to face off against each other. I love his gang this time, it's been noted that BTAS Joker had henchmen patterned after the Three Stooges.. on mega-steroids. IIRC Cesaer Romero's Joker had a gang patterned after famous silent film stars... Brave and the Bold combines the concepts (as it so often does)

Mr Hardy Mr Arbuckle

Mr Chaplin

Mr Keaton and Mr Lloyd (LOVE that Harold Lloyd gets some respect, a vastly under-rated comedian of the 1920's, more prolific than Chaplin and perhaps Keaton's only true rival in terms of exquisitely timed physical comedy)

And who's the girl? Well, she's not Mabel Normand, but she IS familiar to the Batverse... Yup, meet Brave and the Bold's Harley Quinn! I don't know if she's going to keep that look if she appears again, but I LOVE IT! A black and white Harley constrasts beautifully with the Joker's colourfulness, and the squeaky voice matches the look beautifully.

Shortly thereafter an attempted good deed by Bat-Mite goes awry and the Joker has cosmic powers... which he uses to upgrade his costime and indule his favourite passtime... devising deaths for Batman, but the difference is that here he can do it again, and again and again... (It's more than a little macabre to be honest, but in a Joker-ish way) 

Oh, and he also conjures up a genuinely terrifying Joker-mite to keep Bat-Mite occupied. after dressing Mite as his court jester (another nice nod)

I won't dwell on the rest of the episode, enjoy it for yourselves when you get the chance, I WILL note that according to the end credits the Joker was supposed to have a song in this episode called "Where's the Fun in That?" Which from the point in the episode when he says the line would presumably have been about how much he enjoys devising and constructing complex, overblown deathtraps.

For legality a couple of covers that featured in the episode

And then there's the Doom Patrol episode, which I will say nothing about as it should be appreciated for what it is, a remarkable and  powerful story about the choices that make one a hero, that is respectful to the source material in the way that Brave and the Bold always somehow manages.

I will showsyou a background from the episode though, just to show how complete the geekitudity of these people is...

Can you spot all the Doom Patrol references here? I won't mention the obvious ones, but it does include;

Shasta the Living Mountain from Morrisons deranged one shot parody of the Doom Patrol and Liefeld style storytelling;  "Doom Force"
Romulus and Remus (Siamese twins, conceptual aerialists who perform their death defying acts whilst seated on the ground) and Baboushka the living Russian Doll are acts in the circus of the Geomancers in Morrisons Doom Patrol 37.

Oh, and this cover IS included in the episode...

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From: [personal profile] thokstar
During the costume montage induced by Batmite in that episode, we get Zebra Batman for a few seconds, with the line "Too confusing".


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