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Why did he resign anyways?
And I like how everyone has an issue about this XD Makes it realistic, but not overdone.
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I belive that the reason given was simply that Hal was fed up with G.L. work and wanted to be able to spend more time with Carol and his pilot job.
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More like fed up with the Guardians' overbearing haughty attitude.
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Wasn't there also something about him complaining about always being away from Earth, and the Guardians (to be fair, quite rightly) pointing out that he's the Lantern for an entire sector, not just one planet and he knew that when he agreed to become a permanent GL?
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But it's the planet with all the supervillians for the sector.
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There was that, which I think Hal thought was part of the Guardians always telling him what to do. At some point, they made him stay off of Earth for an entire year, I think a little before he quit.