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New York Comic-Con was OUTRAGEOUS. Panels of note were the Avengers premiere and ItsJustSomeRandomPanel, but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

First up, Amanda Conner! She'd been stuck at her booth with no break for six hours. I gave her a can of fruit punch and she hugged me. And tolerated my rantings about how she's my favorite artist ever for Owen Mercer, and that no-one draws muscular women better than her and so on.

She wasn't doing commissions, but she gave me a free quick sketch along with signing the print I bought.

I like Owen just a tiny bit more than Vartox, but considering this was the cover from one of his issues, it seemed appropriate. (:

I had no previous knowledge of him in particular, but I found Ryan Dunlavey sitting next to Fred Van Lente. We had a nice chat about him growing up in Erie, thus his knowledge of Canada for the jokes he put into Reign Delay. Scored two of the original pages from the issue (scenes with Madison and Lil), and got another quick sketch!

He was glad to hear that someone else loved Madison and Lil, since it was his own love of them (not any external or editorial factors) that prompted him to put them in the issue. He even grinned and gave me a thumbs-up when I mentioned I play a child of theirs in a nextgen DC game online.

Now for the actual comissions!

I was originally looking for Olivier Coipel to draw me something of Amora, but his rates turned out to be beyond my means. :( Sadness.

HOWEVER, I was cruising around, and spotted some of the gorgeous and distinctive art from early Madame Xanadu issues, so I ended up getting this lovely piece from Joelle Jones.

Then, my prime concern for the whole con. As soon as I got there, I made a bee-line for GuriHiru's booth. There was a certain someone missing from Thor and the Warriors Four that I desired baby-art of. (:
The artist seemed happy (going through a translator) with my praise for their work, but seemed a little baffled at me asking for a comission. They asked if I'd be alright with coming back in a few hours, which I of course said yes to. They then, with even more hesitation, stated "It... it would be thirty dollars. Is that okay?" I tried not to laugh and confirmed it would definitely be alright.

So, people of scans_daily, for the first time ever, I present you with....


And even though I didn't ask for it she drew in Baby Thor as well! Awesomesauce! I gushed and flailed over it's awesomeness and she seemed flattered. I came back the next day with a copy of Warriors Four for her to sign and she was flattered again.

For legality, an image of the print I got from Coipel's booth.


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