Date: 2010-10-14 08:22 am (UTC)
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I really don't mind this, it puts Cass in a better light than the way they originally had her going off in an apparent " DONT LOOK FOR ME" huff. They show Bruce has full faith in her as well.

I'm curious WHY they don't say "Cassandra Wayne" your own adopted DAUGHTER though, it's like the whole Tim Drake thing. MAKE UP YOUR MIND DC, ARE THEY FAMILY OR NOT?!

I'd say as far as retcons go, even if this is a bit of a blanket cover, it's permissible to me because it was her following Bruce's wishes and a mutual sense of trust that I've seemed to think they had or have had in the past. Cass has been SO abused by DC under the title of Batgirl, it makes a little bit of sense for her to be able to shed and grow. I can't help but feel she would feel a bit jaded after all that she's been through, and losing Bruce not long after being adopted as well. But still, her costume was hella scary.

As much as Cassandra makes a great character as Batgirl, and from a writer's point of view like a fascinating character to write, I have to admit that Stephanie as Batgirl really DOES add a light touch to the Batman family AND DC comics overall that was sorely needed. They just don't have enough "fun" books out right now, and this one regularly gives a good show.

I'm sure Cass will be back full-time in time. I wouldn't be surprised if she took up the now empty Nightwing mantle. Though with Flamebird also seeming to return with Batwoman...the Batman extended Family is getting awfully full!

One thing I've been curious about a bit more than Cass was always implied she was in Hong Kong, but WHERE IS MISFIT?! While I really like the Batgirl comic as is, I had originally thought it was going to be more of a team book between Cass, Stephanie, and Misfit. Like team Batgirl or something. Now Gail Simone has nothing to do with this, but I'm shocked she hasn't even appeared in Birds of Prey yet either!
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