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Mystique and Daken set the ick factor to high.

Greetings True Believers!

Here are scans from Daken: Dark Wolverine #2. It's part of the "Wolverine Goes to Hell" storyline.

I can actually see Daken/Mystique and that's what makes it creepy.

Daken is working with the dude who sent Wolvie to hell. Said dude wants him to kill Mystique. But Daken has other plans. Daken travels to Miami and founds Raven in his hotel room, fresh from the shower. She says she needs his help. Daken tells her that he's supposed to kill her but decided not to. They decide to celebrate over drinks.

I like how they remembered that Mystique is usually naked. Oh, it is Miami so it's natural that Daken dresses like a Miami Vice extra.

Daken scoots over to Raven.

I don't think Daken's pheromone powers work on Mystique and that may be one of the reasons he's enjoying himself. Of course, they're most likely just screwing with each other since they're both psychopaths.

Hell-Wolverine shows up and starts to Snikt Raven but Daken intervenes and gets flash-fried. The cover for the next issue shows Mystique defending him.
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I would find him so much more interesting if he went back to his Dark Avengers brand of asshole. Of if he was like "well, Wolverine's a douche, but whatever. I got my own shit to do." But at this point, it's just like COME ON. Origins ended and he's STILL doing the same old thing. Find a new target. Find new interests. I can't get behind a character who gleefully allows his father to go to hell after a massive fucking storyline that was supposed to END shit between them.

In other words, Daken needs a new hobby.
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He does have a new hobby.
Sadly, it's taking over the world-slash-building his empire that will surpass Rome. Soooo... yeah I don't know how that makes anything better, honestly.