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What's Lyssak Drak considered..?

(Above from Green Lantern 22)

I've been wondering what kind of trope does Lyssa Drak fit? She reminds me a lot of vampire queens and such ala Vampirella and stuff (though I know she's not a vampire) what are they called or referred to as?

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Wouldn't she fit the Vamp? ( Either that, or the Lady in Red ( TVTropes links, click at your own risk...)

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Is there a Striperella trope? Or maybe it was Stripperific?

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Reminds me of this blue skinned Ledgend of Zelda character
( see people costume off and on )

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Maybe I don't know what people are reffering to, isn't she the same race as Shadow lass.

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I think this is just a discussion of tropes.

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Yeah, this is just about tropes but the above poster is right. She is supposed to be of the same darkness using race as Shadow Lass. And I like that its not really said. Its just a little tidbit for those who love Legion or Starman or L.E.G.I.O.N. lore.

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Ah, ok. I was confused. As always.

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More Sinestro Corps posts! I just love their members.

Also, Im not sure if this is the location for the question but when are we going to see a heroic (if frightening) Sinestro Corps member? I mean it is possible. Bats could have been one... so could the Creeper! I just think out of the Corps available that fear would be the coolest to utilize.

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The Sinestro Corps, unlike the new ones coming in(with the exception of Agent Orange, obviously, because isn't he the only one?), has individual members with their own personalities. Fear is a pretty broad thing that allows for a lot of variation.

Whereas the Red are just mindless rage addicts, the Blue threaten to give me diabetes and tooth decay each time I read their dialogue, the Violet are just vessels of another macro-personality(the Zamaron queen), and the Black are, well, zombies. Only the yellow and the green seem to require minds of their own and encourage individual modification. The rest are nothing but fingers of a bigger hand. Is this by design, or did Johns run out of imagination after the first two corps?

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By design, for sure.

The main idea of the Spectrum is that the further away from the center you get, the less control the wearer has over the power source. Rage and Violet are MEANT to read as vessels for the emotion they represent. Rage and Love are meant to consume them or, as it's explained in the books, fill a void within the person.

The remaining corps, then, are controlled by their emotions to varying degrees. Breaking it down by the (excluding Green and Yellow which, as you've said, are pretty diverse, personality-wise):

The Orange Lantern Corps, as you've also said, is really only one individual, and by nature of being closer to the extreme end of the Spectrum, his ring should hold less of an influence on him than Red but more of an influence than Yellow. And this seems to be the case. However, regardless of this, the entire Corps is going to read like one personality because it is.

Blue Lanterns should be as individual as Yellow Lanterns, theoretically, because they are in the same place on the Spectrum. However, you also have to keep in mind that the selection process for these Lanterns is the most intense and thought out (when compared to the other colors). By the nature of these two points, they are meant to all share similar ideals. After all, it's a very exclusive group made up of the most hopeful and faithful figures in the Universe.

The Indigo Tribe should theoretically be as consumed by their emotion as Agent Orange. But we don't have a lot to go on other than that their membership seems to be the largest (again, contrasting the Orange Lantern Corps).

I personally find these various Corps to be extremely well planned and explained with reasons that fit the context of the story.

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Damn you said that MUCH better than I did.

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I think part of the idea of the spectrum is that the color (read: emotion) has more control of you the further from the center you are. Thus the Green are all individuals and the yellow and blue just slightly less so. Blue is just a little too sweet and yellow just a little too crazed.

So I dont think he ran out of imagination, I think he just wanted to keep the green lanterns special and unique.

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With the inbuilt problem that, and I can't stress this enough, "Willpower" isn't an emotion in the first place, and never has been.

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Equanimity, perhaps?

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Is't Johns on record as saying that the further from the centre of the spectrum a power is the more influence it has over the wielder? Which is why the Guardians used Green in the first place, and why Red & Violet overwhelm their wielders.

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You know what I liked? I liked "the very first cops of the very first society in the galaxy, millennia ago, carried green lights on poles as a symbol of office, and that symbol of serving and protecting has survived all this time into a legendary body of interstellar peacekeepers and heroes."

I was willing to lose that when the War of Light looked like it would be cool, but as the story wears on and I become less and less impressed with the presentation, that loss seems more and more expensive for less and less return.

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We already have 'heroic' Sinestros - Sinestro himself, for instance.

He's a pretty solid Well Intentioned Extremist (, perhaps even a Knight Templar ( - he's doing what he does for (what he sees as) an ultimate good - forcing the Guardians to become straight up tyrants to crush chaos, and disorder.

As a consequence of who's in charge, that's pretty much as close as we'll get to truly heroic types in the Sinestros - anyone who tries to go against Sinestro's view - or, now, Mongul's - will be removed (mercilessly purged, most likely). The Greens are in the same boat (though are less likely to go a violent route in removing the bad seeds).

The only Corps whose nature really lends itself to successful dissent within the ranks would be the Blues and Indigos - in addition to the above, Red takes over entirely, the Sapphires are given to forced indoctrination, and Orange is only one person. Indigo, on the other hand, lends itself well to the Well Intentioned Extremist, and Blue could range anywhere from as passive as Hal accuses them of being, or the kind who try to actively try to make their hope come true.

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Guy Gardner was one for awhile? Sort of. I think? It was confusing. He had a ring, anyway.

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Hrmm. I don't know, but I sure do appreciate Lyssa Drak. :D

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I always wondered if she's Talok VIII's Shadow Champion here in the 21st Century.

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I would say Dark Action Girl, but I haven't really seen her fight. Too bad there isn't a Loremaster trope.

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I don't know about characters IN books, but she's a dead ringer for a Narrator character. Remember how all the old horror books had a narrator? The Cryptkeeper, the Old Witch, even Destiny was once a narrator, supposedly.