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I think I have a new favourite Robin... Honestly!

Let's start the weekend with a dose of complete and utter cuteness. I mean it, this makes "Batman and Sons" look like the national finals of "Pro-Celebrity: Ugly People Making Out... Noisily".

Now, normally, my affection for Mr Grayson is pretty much untrammelled, however this Halloween a new contender has come on the scene and he will lay waste to all criminals with unparalleled cuteness.

Meet the new dynamic duo

Seriously, how could you ever want to commit a crime with that level of adorableness being levelled against you?

It's actually the creator of the awesome webcomic Butterfly (about the adventures of neophyte superhero Butterfly, who has become the sidekick to a sidekick) Dean Trippe and his son (known online as Field, no that's not his real name (Dean wouldn't be that cruel), but wisely, Dean is leaving his name off the net).

Oh, and I can thoroughly recommend clicking on the link titled "Butterfly Collection Vol. 1" and downloading the 5.7Mb PDF file that comes with it, which starts off the Butterfly saga and is wonderful stuff)

For legality, a sample of the Butterfly webcomic, as Birdy (sidekick to KnightBat) and Butterfly discuss their role in the cosmic scheme of things.

There's a terrific piece about the stages that went into putting this particular strip together here
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Most awesome thing to wake up to!
Now..if I could get a breakfast in bed...