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Gabby's Playhouse: Discussing Sexism on the Internet

So, recently Kate Beaton made some comments on Twitter about how sometimes guys that like her work will respond with comments she finds creepy/uncomfortable/offensive.

Gabby's Playhouse then did a webcomic entitled "How Every Single Discussion About Sexism and Woman-Type Stuff on the Internet (and real life) Has Ever Happened And Ever Will Happen, Always, Forever, Until the Earth Finally Falls Into The Sun. (Or until the patriarchy is finally dismantled.)"

Comic by

I don't quite get that last panel, but the rest of it is kinda recognizable.

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Thank you? For that reminder? What?
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I was simply pointing out that there's a certain string of right-wing thought that is directly contradictory to anything remotely resembling women's interest that has pretty much wrapped itself in the cloth of feminist rhetoric and perverted it beyond all reason, but mention that to the Palinistas and one gets the same exact rhetoric seen in this comic about how people are sexist against the Lady of North if they call her a dishonest lying quitter, which she is.

I said "so-called feminists" because these people are nothing of the sort, and what they want is entirely contradictory to what actually *is* essential to women's rights.