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How to End Halloween

Okay. Halloween is going to end in a few minutes, so I might as well find a way to end it... with the Simpsons. Something to hold you till they air the Treehouse of Horror this year.

The story opens with Homer being dragged in a mental hosptial, filled with things you expect from Spingfield, the story is basically about pod-aliens... very dull and non-feeeling aliens whose thoughts are... CREDITS! AHHHH!!

Homer notices how odd things are in town, then stumble upon the alien's plan. They want to takeover the world to prevent the earth to have any emotions, thus no pain or anger. Oh course, Homer would loose love for beer, wrestling, and doughnuts. Needless to say, he runs away to home to which he finds Bart and Lisa watching this.

Bart and Lisa were taken by the pod people because they fell asleep. Homer manages to get Marg eto believe his crazy story this time because of how well behave Bart and Lisa are. They manage to run to the caves, by Marge fell asleep and became a pod too. On the run again, Homer comes across a traffic jam with "crackpot journalists." Fearing their plans, the aliens send Homer to the mental assuylm at the start of the comic. Which leads us to the ending of that Twilight Zone episode, about the alien invasion being countered by an alien invasion...

And thats how I ended Halloween on Scans_Daily this year. happy Halloween, hopes yours was better than mine. I spent the night serving mass and using math...
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1) No-one but Bob could have known.

2) Note that Barney's addictive personality has turned to feeding upon himself.

3) Thanks to the web, the end of the story is obsolete because now we'll never 'close' the'll still be there, in a sense, even when we leave this webpage...