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Well, Halloweens almost over so why not make one last post? I did a post featuring the first issue last year just before Halloween kinda sad that I haven't done one in all this time.

So here's issue 2 and 3 of Steve Niles and Scott Hampton's Simon Dark. 7 pages each from 22 page story.

The story opens up with a tragic murder. With the narrator saying "But as even the Legends of Gotham will confess, they cannot protect everyone and sometimes an innocent slips through their fingers" Perhaps as a nod to even Batman can't show up everywhere....

"His second was attacking Simon Dark"

During their scuffle Simon's easily winning but the cops hear the fight and order them to top. Eddie pushes Simon into their line of fire and runs off free. They then send his body to the coroners office, Beth's office, the lady we met in the first issue.

As the two chat over the strangeness that is Simon they're starting to walk out when they hear a noise behind them...and no dead body lieing there. They then spot Simon who's scared as hell of them and he escapes.

This is Vincent. He's working for the shadowy black magic group we saw killing people the first issue. He can remove his eye and watch using it, he's trying to find Simon after he stopped his groups ritual earlier.

Nearby both Beth and Rachel (young girl) is the store a man named Gus works in, a general grocery store.  Both shop there sometimes and wandered in after seeing the door to it was open but no one was in the store's front.


Rachel scares off Simon this time...

Meanwhile Tom Kirk a police detective (who was with Beth at Simon's autopsy) has arrived at his office...

Dun dun dun...

Now issue 3!

The story opens up in a strange manor with what appears to be a dream or memory of Simon's.

Simon get alls emo for a bit "Because I am dead"

He then runs off again, with Gus and the other fellow who found him in a huff that she spooked him off again.

Meanwhile Rachel Dodds has retuned off after that weird event. Safe Safe home...

Yep, Eddie the Machete again.

Simon then opts not to saw off the guys head and instead beats him up and vanishes after Rachel's dad starts hearing the noise but the dad doesn't inquire into anything being tired and goes back to bed.

I'll never not laugh at this scene. XD

Afterwards Tom and Beth have gone on a nice not date talking about Simon.

Hope you liked! Oh Simon.                                                                                                                                                    

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