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The badass that inspired me in my childhood. The girl I'm cosplaying this month. The one who made me lose twelve pounds and made me gain abs and muscles in one month alone.

X-23, aka Laura Kinney, now Laura Howlett

It pains me every time someone who knows her has to introduce her as "Wolverine's clone" for people to at least make a connection. It's like introducing Daken as Wolverine's son--it gives people a preconception, and it's not nice.

What I know from Laura Kinney, X-23? She deserves normality, she's tough and it's difficult to judge her psyche, but she's a reeeeallly great character.

So originally, she appeared in X-men Evolution. That show was what I watched when I was EIGHT YEARS OLD, and was my first favorite show ever without any of my family influencing my watching it. From the start, she already pretty much made my eyes shine with her sheer awesomeness.

She first appeared in season 3, episode 11.

Her character is pretty complex, and I like the idea of Wolverine trying to be a dad to her (though his track record isn't clean with daughters, it's not really that bad, and compared to any sort of parental relationship, Logan is pretty stable.

I like to pretend her sexual slavery never happened.

Other little treats before I decide I'm not sure what else to put:

She pretty much punked Captain America. Scans from Target X, #2.

And she can do this. (Target X, #6)

and this....

Point made.

More recently, she was part of the X-kids, ehem, the New X-men, and that was pretty cool, considering she gets to hang out with some kids her age after her cousinwhostillisn'tdeadthankgod.

Let us pointedly ignore their idiotic lapse in judgment, putting her on the roster of a killing team when she's supposed to be living a normal life-- and move on to the much much worse fate of seeing demons in her mind...

Right now, she's being handled by Liu, and I hope it'll do her some good, being adopted as Laura Howlett or whatever...

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He looks almost dreamy lol. And I`m not sure that`s a bad thing ;)


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