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Awesome New Female Characters: Arana + Nomad

So it's Awesome New Female Character Week. What better time to check in with the hot new non-cannon romance find of 2010 ! I'm talking about the "Girl Without a World"... Bucky NOMAD: Rikki Barnes!* and" the Heart of the Spider" Araña ALL NEW SPIDER-GIRL: Anya Corazon.

So here's a nice moment from issue #4 of the supremely entertaining (though recently canceled) Young Allies.

Minor Spoiler: After-Shock isn't Electro's daughter. In fact non of the Bastards of Evil are villain's children except: [SPOILER!]

*Ok Rikki technically isn't that new a character, but I tend to ignore the whole Heroes Reborn thing and pretend she's an awesome character created in the last two years.
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"Venomette' so needs to be a new character. *lol*

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But "aftershock" has to do with earthquakes not electricity oh never mind.
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I really am enjoying this group, and Arana and Nomad are great! This team has so much potential!
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They're both adorable together, so I think we can make an exception in this case.
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D'awww Rikki and Sofia are too cute

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Too. Cute.

Rikki is in the back pages of the Captain America books, but alas, I don't like Captain America enough to read them, even if I can get them for free. Although I like Rikki.
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Well Rikki actually wasn't created in the last ten years but yessssssssssssssss