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The last two pages of Batman and Robin #16 which came out today, courtesy of DC's The Source Blog.

I can just imagine the Q&A after this press conference:

BRUCE: So any questions? Yes?

REPORTER: Alexander Knox, Gotham Gazette. So are you telling us, Mr. Wayne, that you are, in fact, Batman?

BRUCE: What? Don't be ridiculous, son. Just because my company has been illegally financing and supplying a vigilante without their knowledge or consent for years and is now going to fund a private international security force comprised of other Batmen, or that my parents being murdered gave me a perfect motive, and that I happen to coincidentally have the same shape and build as the Dark Knight, this doesn't actually make me Batman. Next thing I suppose you're going to tell me is that my ward, Dick Grayson, and my boy, Damien, have been Batman and Robin all this time in my absence. You have no evidence whatsoever. Now, let me put on Wayne Enterprises' newly designed Bat-Costume so I can show you folks how cool it will look.

Seriously, I realize that comic books require a certain suspension of disbelief, but at this point, how could anyone in the DC Universe NOT know Bruce Wayne is Batman after this? I mean, even Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie knew it was pointless to try to pretend otherwise.

EDIT: From an interview with DC's Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, via Comic Book Resources
Q: Let's talk a bit about how this will affect the stories themselves. We knew the corporate concept would drive "Batman Inc.," and Grant spoke briefly with the AP about how this reveal reflects that concept, but can we expect at all for folks to be suspicious of Bruce Wayne being Batman with this news out there?

A: Grant's point of view is that this is the greatest misdirection of all time by Bruce announcing this. In the public's mind, it will separate him further and further from being Batman. This is the man funding Batman is how Grant is approaching this.

Date: 2010-11-03 10:19 pm (UTC)
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Let's hope that Mozzy can...incorporate his new ideas into the mythos successfully...


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