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I know, and again, I totally think it's messed up, but there's a real human-ness to the messed up quality of it vs. the rape retcon via Morrison.

Jason's mother issues are even more deep-seated and complex than his Batman issues.

Oh man, as soon as [personal profile] thebigapricot spoiled me on this, I was like whoa, true Oedipal Complex! I mean the Oedipal Complex is doing your "mother" (see above xD) and wanting to "kill" your father -- which could also mean wanting to take over your father's business.
How funny is it that Winick said early on that Talia is like Jason's "motherly influence" -- and he was done the story by then. So this whole Oedipal Complex thing is intended.

And even though this is Jason's story, I do wish we had more of Talia's POV in this.

Having said all that!! I did feel the issue had some flaws to it -- it needed to be longer! No, but seriously, the Joker scene needed to be more fleshed out and I could have done with a lot more details on Jason's reasons for choosing the Red Hood.

BUT! I loved that the dagger was a gift handed down from the al Ghuls. Love that the origin of the dagger was finally addressed. It's something I was waiting for. So yay!
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