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Red Hood: Lost Days #6 (Spoilers!!!)

AKA the final issue of this mini-series and the issue where I was like omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

[personal profile] cuntfucius, [personal profile] levy and [personal profile] whitesycamore will be giddy about this.

Four pages.

Whoa! WHOA! WHOA!! Hotter than I expected. Ahem! He wakes up and she's gone. She leaves him with a note and another very important gift, which I was so, so, so glad to see in this.

Oh hey, look! Jason uses gmail. Mary Borsellino will be pleased to know about the dagger in this.
Here's her entry from on Jason's dagger. Quoting from the entry:
Red Hood’s weapon of choice is a dagger with a waved blade. This edge design has been popular in numerous cultures throughout history, with a variety of connotations attached to the distinctive shape.

In simple, practical terms, a waved blade allows for a longer overall edge distance than would be present in a straight dagger of the same length. Waved blades in longer weapons, such as Flamberge swords, have the added advantage of causing the other weapon in a duel to vibrate, thereby making one’s opponent uncomfortable. This would not be true to any noticeable degree in a weapon such as Red Hood’s knife, however.

The origin of Red Hood’s knife within the Batman comics themselves is most likely the story “The Lazarus Pit!” from issue #243 in 1972. One of the original Ra’s Al Ghul stories by the O’Neil/Adams/Giordano team, this issue saw Batman forced to duel against a man who owed debts to both Ra’s and Batman. Both opponents weilded waved daggers.

As Judd Winick, the writer responsible for the entire Red Hood arc, utilised the Al Ghul family as a significant plot element, it seems likely that this classic storyline was one of the key inspirations behind Red Hood’s dagger.

Just as with the history of waved daggers in the real world, however, the element of pure aesthetic interest must be taken into account. Placing a waved dagger in a panel is more visually interesting and suggests a greater degree of ritual — whether the reader is aware of the legacy of the Keris blade or not — than a simple knife can.

Whatever the reasons may be, Red Hood’s dagger has developed iconography of its own, and now casts a shadow of specific meaning forward over any future appearances of such weapons in future Batman stories.

I'm so sad to see this mini-series end.

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That's what I love about Jason.

He seeks love. He needs it. Any kind of affection is good for him because he lost everything. I mean, c'mon, his mother betrayed him and even so he tried to help her. He died helping her.

It's not surprising that he'd have sex with Talia. It goes beyond being 18 and horny here. Talia took care of him. Believed in him. Anti-Hero or not, Jason is the kind of guy that protects/gives in to what he loves/cares about.

Talia has daddy issues and Jason has mommy issues. Yeah. Not to mention that they were both in a situation where nothing really mattered. She'd lost her father, he'd failed his task.

Maybe it was just me but I didn't feel weird reading it. Don't need to ship it, don't need to hate it. Sometimes sex is just another form of comfort.

And just look at Jason when he wakes up. Look at the condom wrapper next to his bed. If anything, it was a hot drawing. =D

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This is a very good comment!!
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Very nice comment.
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Maybe it was just me but I didn't feel weird reading it. Don't need to ship it, don't need to hate it. Sometimes sex is just another form of comfort.

*crying glue tears of approval in reading this line and also the rest of the comment*
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Thank you, this is a good comment.

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Out of 300+ comments, this is probably the best.
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I love this comment.