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It came from the 50 cent bin: He's so fly!

Yes it's been awhile but I'm still going through the !mpact universe. To make up for lost time here is issue #1 and #2 of THE FLY

Issue #1 opens with Santa Mr. Abin giving a speech about heroes to a class of high schoolers.

Of course one of them isn't paying attention and is given a special assignment of coming up with his own hero.
And so The Flyster is born!:

They don't say so in story, but come on! That's Santa!

Anyway the right jolly old elf gives him a symbol for his hero.

No no NO! You do not want deadly villains.
This is the type of villain you want:

Not deadly!


Ok so the sweaty guy borrowed a bunch of money to build a mall. Unfortunately he's gambled most of the profit away and can't repay it. So big bad guy sends in a pyromaniac to wreck up the place. But sweaty guy skimped on the building materials so the whole place and everyone in it is in danger. Big bad guy doesn't want to hurt innocents and tries to recall "Burnout" but Burnout hates capitalism so much that he ignores orders and keeps BBQing the place.

If only someone could help.

Cue epic fight scene:

I like this guy.

Any inconsistency in the character design is his fault not the artist.

And so the day saved by...

Back at school the next day.


Mail call:

Well at least this version of The Fly was slightly more realistic. A race of fly people? Really?

On to issue #2

See what happens when you wish for a deadly villain?

But what if the drugs help you fly?

After a nice flight it's time for school.

He listens in on their conversation and finds out about a secret place where stolen goods are sold.

There is a page that I can't show without going over the limit but I really wanted to show off the great expressions so:

Have fun guessing the context.

Anyway back to plot:

Ok there's a lot to say about this page.
First: No, supply does not create demand. It really really doesn't. Hell the fact that the !mpact line isn't still going is a testament to that. There are thousands (probably millions) of products/services that failed because there was no demand.
Second: The basic idea of a mobile distribution center sounds good. However you need to get reliable word of mouth out there about where it will be and when or you won't get enough customers to cover costs (construction and maintenance of the truck[s], fuel, and even if you don't pay for the goods themselves you have to pay the people who steal them). But you can't get too much attention or you risk alerting the police. Also all it takes is one goody two shoes or dissatisfied customer to get the same result.
Third: What the hell is with that kid? Was he put in as an artistic touch to show a reaction from the customers? Did Chromium make some kid dress up for this demonstration? Look at that expression. Look at it. He makes the guy in the metal mask appear sane!

Anyway, The fly crashes in and this happens:

This is only one small panel but I have it huge so you can behold the awesomeness of gun case robodogs.

So those ladies start shooting scaring the customers away and the whole thing is ruined. Chromium's associates leave and he is pissed.

It is very cool to ruin crime. But coolness comes at a price.

I told you deadly villains aren't a good thing.

Poor Chromium

He probably wouldn't have gotten away with it for long but still, to have it ruined by a meddling kid is just sad.

Later on Chromium reports to his boss:

Oh snap, a spider based villain!

Mail call:

I wonder if "the android's dungeon" comic shop was/is real or not. A google search just brings up Simpson references. The only comic store in the loop that I know of is Gram Crackers Comics (which is where I get these 50 cent comics from).

Air Terrorists. For some reason I doubt the steampunk community will embrace them as they have air pirates.

So what do you fine folks think? Fun hero? Clueless fool? Wish I had issue #3? Go ahead and comment and let your opinion be heard!