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If I've posted this little classic from circa 1981 before, my apologies

One of the earliest villains that the Superfriends fought was the Overlord....

Because nothing says supreme villainy more than making your crown out of a classroom globe

So, with that in mind, welcome to Superfriends 43,

where Wonder Woman becomes a challenging piece of sculpture and Robin investigates a new career as a paperweight... or possibly a lawn ornament, and we discover the range of powers inherent in pyrotic snot.

Overlord, having failed a couple of times to defeat the Superfriends, and not being overly proud about such things, decides the best way to sort things out is to grow a more evolved clone of himself to do the job. I admire a villain who's not afraid to subcontract.

This was first effort, Futurio;

I love that cover... Wonder Woman knitting, Robin watching cartoons... it's so... weirdly domestic!

Anyway, though he was a hundred thousand years more evolved than today's humans, he didn't do so well, and ended up being cunningly defeated by some well place ignoring from the team (and some gas... don't ask)

But the Overlord is nothing if not committed and since a hundred thousand years wasn't enough, produces one from ten times further into the future. a MILLION years.

This clone he dubbed Futurio XX (See.. "X X" as in "times 10"... it's a Roman numeral algebriac pun.. another sign that Overlord is clearly not only brilliant, but a smartarse to boot, and that Futurio XX has a well developed sense of not wanting to mock his "father")

Well, the guy has taste, it has to be said.

So we have a villain who believes not in killing his opponents, but essentially capturing them, and keeping them prisoner indefinitely.. I could LIKE this fellows approach!

It makes sense to take out the big guns first, so Superman and Wonder Woman are the first targets, whilst they are busy foiling a good old fashioned. Futurio XX shows an impressive energy control power...

Ah yes, in case you didn't remember, pre-Crisis Wonder Woman had a couple of issues about such things. If she were bound by a man, she would lose all her powers... That's a notion from Marstons original work I think...

He's a mutant bad guy from the future, and the skin cell thing is undeniably creepy and unpleasant to ponder, but he does have a social conscience, he does stop the bad guys...

Now I think the implication here is that the metal is solid all the way around and she's only listening to him through the shell, but it's a nice artistic style thing. But is it ART I wonder?

So Futurio XX goes back to Daddy, with the cell samples, but Overlord has his doubts about the plan.

Meanwhile, those ever delightful alien scamps, the Wonder Twins, are out being trained by the most finely toned backside in Gotham... (I like the idea that they ARE trying to learn to be crimefighters and being taught)

Why bother to do that, the kid in the pixie boots doesn't need to... so whilst Robin sails off on a batline, Zan and Jayna prepare to touch each other (I know it's an innocent term, but in context it always comes across with an undercurrent of low-level sleaziness)

Ahh, the bantering Boy Wonder...

Now this is an interesting one, it's certainly imprisonment, and stylish too (Come on, he'd make a GREAT hat-rack/conversation piece and has that endearing startled look on his face in perpetuity.. and you'd probably have to sedate me to stop me compulsively polishing him...) but if he's really coated in that metal, wouldn't he be suffocating pretty quickly? That's not quite how I'd define the "I won't kill them" rule...

Moving on from the gleaming, polished, burnished... ahem... Boy Wonder, we move to a smuggling ring being broken up by Aquaman, Batman and a character who first appeared in the Superfriends, but who would go on to achieve success way beyond this...

Yup, ladies and gentlemen, Beatriz da Costa. As originally introduced pre-Crisis, she had been bequeathed with her powers due to Brazilian mysticism and was the president of the Brazilian branch of Wayne Enterprises, and moonlighted as the Green Fury, hero of Brazil.

Enter Futurio XX. and note that she not only doesn't have the automatic green fire her later self would, but has a wider array of powers...

Oh dear, he said the equivalent of "Nozzing in ze vorld can stop me NOW!".... his defeat is now inevitable.

So whilst Batman's cell is designed to be proof against any of his escape gadgets.... (and remember that weird green sparkly "dazzle power" Green Fury mentioned?)

Now the flame powers are good, the cold powers are fairly cool (no pun intended, and the illusion power is a lot of fun (if slightly unexpected), but really, to fly by blasting green fire out of your nose? I think you lose about a BILLION cool points for that.

And Batman quickly cuts himself out of Aquaman's cell with a laser from his utility belt. So the intrepid three set out to free the others...

Okay big blue, but... umm.. how? I don't know if Superman can tear through a magical metal like Amazonium, the twins are separated by psionic energy fields which you can't control, and Robin has a layer of futuristic impervious metal coating every inch of his body, you might rub him hard enough to melt it, or hit him hard enough to crack it, but you'd be burning or smashing Batman's best buddy at the same time, and that won't look good some the next World's Finest team-up; "How's Robin?" "Still has third degree burns over 45% of his body, and is in traction for eighteen months... any particular reason you ask?"

But anyway, let's say he manages it, that still leaves Futurio XX out there... or does it..

Aww, I almost find myself wishing the poor fellow well (creepy mate-growing plans to one side), he didn't actually harm anyone, did stop some crooks, and gave the world a shiny Robin monument.

Date: 2010-11-20 07:51 pm (UTC)
kamino_neko: Tedd from El Goonish Shive. Drawn by Dan Shive, coloured by Kamino Neko. (Default)
From: [personal profile] kamino_neko
I never said she said it - that was my summary of what happened.

She made her fire cold.

Cold fire.

It's pretty much impossible to come up with a better example of 'whatever I want' powers than that.


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