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Batwoman #0 preview

DCUBlog has the preview for Batwoman #0, the new series.

Two behind the cut.

Bruce is confirming something that Oracle can do much easier with that software that allowe her to figure out he was the Insider. Bruce just loves the practicing recon, and loves problem solving.

Liking the art. It's not the same as the last series, bu it has it's own redeeming qualities.
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"Even when DADT is long past, I don't think it'd be too difficult to make the reason for her discharge something that showed her nobility in the face of lesser people."

I agree with this it doesn't have to be about her sexuality just that she refused to compromise her own sense of identity for the millitary.
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Ah, but she WOULD have lied, had her girlfriend's identity been known. Or, at least, it's implied she would have by the fact that she asked if any other cadets were facing the same charge before she'd answer.

She wouldn't lie to save her own career, but she would have to save Sophie's. It'd be more difficult - though not impossible - to come up with a way to put her in that situation with other issues.