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Weakness Week pt. 4: Empowered

There's no way I was going to do weakness weak without Emp of all heroes :)

Empowered, a super heroine who gains her powers from a supersuit of unknown origin. It gives her strength:

Energy blasts:

And a handful of other powers. Badass.

With one... tiny weakness.

'Oops' is right, all gone! Emp's powers evaporate like the wind whenever her suit looses too much material.

Still, that's a ninja. Anyone can lose out to a lone badass ninja, it's not like it rips easy...

Oh yea, the rosebushes. There's a reason this suit earns a place in Weakness Week.

Still, at least it's awesome when functional, and it's not likely to cut out in a place that's too bad...

Last panel: "This sucks"

You said it, Emp.

Emp and Ninjette are from the seriously fun Empowered by Adam Warren
4 scans from three different stories from Vol 1
1 page from volume 5.

[personal profile] shadur 2010-11-26 07:54 am (UTC)(link)
From what I understand, he was originally getting a bit tired of all the heroine imperilment comics he was being paid to draw, started feeling sorry for one of the main characters and decided to write Emp.