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jaybee3 ([personal profile] jaybee3) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily 2010-11-26 03:35 am (UTC)

Judging by how hard they are pushing Bat/Cat I don't think DC would do any further mind-wipes of Selina (or undoing a major feature of one of their premiere storylines - Loeb/Lee's Hush - in a low-profile title like Sirens) but the very fact that they are letting Zatanna consider this again is mind-boggling. I've said before I don't think any "hero" came out of Identity Crisis more damaged in credibility than Zatanna and despite having her own title DC is doing nothing to change that opinion.

And for those counting this is the Nth version of Talia that we've seen (once again trying to protect her "Beloved"), a character different than both Morrison's and Winick's or even Tomasi's (from Nightwing) or Rucka's (from Death and the Maidens). Is she purposely being written as bi-polar or something or is DC in such desperate need of a villainous Asiatic Dragon Lady stereotype (which they've tried with Nyssa and Cass) that they just slot in Talia even if makes no sense.

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