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Yeah, this. I appreciate Dick's intent and Cassie's resolve, but the other Titans didn't sign up to teach a potentially dangerous child basic social skills. They're under no obligation to like it or suffer in silence.
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And they're under no obligation to stay either. Ultimately, if they have that much of a problem with a decision recommended by Dick Grayson and endorsed by Cassie Sandsmark, they know where the doors are.
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I wouldn't say "endorsed" in light of the circumstances. Cassie's certainly being very diplomatic about it, but Dick quite literally showed up and dumped a boy who is not ready to work in a team situation on them without so much as raising the issue with Cassie first.

Cassie making the decision she did was a good one in light of what she knew, and in trusting in Dick's judgment that Damian was ready for this. He wasn't, and that's not Damian's fault. Honestly, Dick comes across like an awful leader and mentor in this situation, as anyone would know that Damian would be a difficult person to integrate into a team and would require a lot of very low-stress situations first to build the camaraderie necessary for good team dynamics. Even if you don't have the time for that, at least set up a dialogue with the team leader beforehand, so that she knows what kind of things to look out for. The fact that Dick just dumped Damian on the Teen Titans without so much as a call to Cassie beforehand giving her a heads up undermines her authority. She's handled it as graceful as one realistically could, but it's still really rude of him.

Now, how she handles the situation her decision has caused will be interesting. The old Cassie would fly off the handle. The new Cassie might do something completely different - and that's going to be interesting to see.
From: [personal profile] pervymax
For that matter, I'm not clear that the Titans work via "Dear Leader" dictates.

As I recall, they voted on membership for (the new) Blue Beatle.

It seems like Cass has decided that diplomacy & precedent don't really apply to her. Again, I find that to be bad characterization for a woman who was raised by the paragon of diplomacy and leadership.
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Cass wasn't raised by Diana, she has a mother for that. Diana has inspired her and mentored her, that's not quite the same as being raised by her, and as a leader Diana would know the importance of making the choice that YOU feel is the right one and sticking to it.
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Again, I think we have different perspectives on leadership. To me, a leader inspires, teaches, and mentors. I'm more "Team Captain America" then "Team Nick Fury"
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From: [personal profile] icon_uk
But both ARE valid forms of leadership. You may prefer one over the other, and that's fine, but to suggest that only one is a "real" form of leadership seems a little off.
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I am saying that the Gruff/authoritarian model is not in line with the teachings of Diana, and don't align with her protege.

I think that the assertion it *does* is,in my opinion, seems more than a tab off.

No big deal, just my opinion.
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Firmess of decision, by itself, is the providence of every idiot under the sun: it doesn't require any strength, or compassion, or wisdom. I doesn't take any leadership to stick by a decision to the exclusion of other's opinions. It *does* take a leader to inspire.

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are so confident while the intelligent are full of doubt"

- Bertrand Russell
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They'd be better off leaving and regrouping then. They are in no way stable enough people to handle the Demon Child.

This doesn't come off as a well-reasoned decision. It comes off as Dick wants a break and knows Alfred needs a break.
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From: [personal profile] icon_uk
"Break out the suntan lotion and the canapes Alfred!"

"You mean sir...?"

"Yup, Bratface the Boy Aggro is the Titans problem for the next three days and you and me, we're going to BERMUDA! If you like, tell Tim and we can make it a family break thing"

" 'Ya'... and if I made add 'Hooo' sir"


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