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What happens when you lose your script immunity?

Hulk 25 and 26.

Iron Man vs. the Red Hulk!

Flashback to the climactic end of Fall of the Hulks:

(Red Hulk was General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, for those who were living in a cave)

The end mirrors the end of World War Hulk, with Hulk and Steve Rogers coming to see Rulk in prison:

The prison was designed by Bruce Banner. Rulk is left in a zero-gravity chamber for three days, screaming and yelling that he knows he's too powerful to be left to rot.

Steve demands Rulk power down to human form. Then he hits him with a hypo.

Bruce says that he already beat Rulk at his full power. He doesn't need an edge against Ross. They glare at each other.

Bruce explains that the Intelligencia activated a program called "Scorched Earth". Doomsday weapons to destroy the world if they couldn't rule it. Steve says that he doesn't trust Rulk and that he'll be partnering up til Ross earns his trust again.

Since the first mission is some sort of make-people-robot-monsters (much like Omac) virus in Silicon Valley, Rulk will be working with Iron Man. Rulk arrives first.


Smack, smack.

Tony then gets smacked by the computer virus possessed people.

Hulk 26. Half page scan.

Rulk manages to convince Tony that he was, indeed, sent by Steve Rogers.

For the record, except for a few intensely stupid issues, I actually enjoyed Fall of the Hulks.

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Rick is in his own back-up story in Parker's Hulk book these days, fighting giant monsters and saving Florida while having fun. He does a lot.