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Spider-man/Daredevil: Bouncing Back comments,

"Was there ever a story featuring those two that didn't have the basic plot of "Spider-Man fights criminals, Daredevil tries to stop him, Spider-Man thinks Daredevil has switched sides, Spider-Man and Daredevil fight, Daredevil reveals that letting those criminals go was part of a greater plan, Spider-Man feels stupid?" That seems to have turned up a lot in this series."

Why yes, fredneil! There are also stories about Spider-man being framed, with Daredevil being the only one willing to believe in his innocence (as long as he took the lie detector test) and fight for him!

Like this one...(thanks for the segueway!)

1988. Amazing Spider-man Annual 22 - The Evolutionary War (35 page story) Writers: Tom DeFalco, David Michelinie. Artists: Mark Bagley, Mike Esposito.

Another classic trope, Spider-man gets framed, so Daredevil helps him out. This more ordinary plot takes place while the High Evolutionary has armored men setting up devices to take out certain kinds of DNA in the populace as part of some greater scheme. This also has an appearance of Speedball, who is new to heroing and fumbles around while the older heroes do their thing.

Matt Murdock, although disbarred from practicing law, has been offering free legal advice in an ill-defined clinic. Longtime girlfriend Karen Page runs a hotline for people with drug and suicide problems. Despite the number of juvenile delinquents, drug users and bums who enjoy hanging out there, Ann Nocenti depicts it as a place of people who care about each other, and healthier than most of Matt's homes.

Peter Parker had his own problems in these years, Kraven's Last Hunt, a Nocenti-written stay in the mental institution where Kingpin got his psychotic assassins, for instance, but his steady marriage (excuse me, his loyal girlfriend) and steady job (including a coffee table book of his photos called Webs) kept his emotional issues from showing up in team-ups.

Kingpin captures one of the armored minions of the High Evolutionary and tortures him for information.

The stoolie leads them to believe the framers are where the High Evolutionary's men are hiding out. The newspaper article summarizes the barfight, adding that the stoolie was found webbed to the bar with a note saying: "Compliments of your friendly neighborhood Spider-man, and his not-so-friendly sidekick, Daredevil."

Fortunately, Speedball had overheard the hideout and has been earnestly throwing himself up and down, managing to smash the mcguffin. He then begins falling to his supposed death, before being snatched up by some webbing.

Kingpin offers Splitface Flanagan, the real killer, a choice. Confess, or get dead. Spider-man is exonerated.

This story takes place right before Daredevil 260, when Kingpin's second attack on Matt Murdock's mind comes to fruition, as Typhoid Mary uses a combination of multiple personality sincerity and low level telepathy to seduce Matt, has Matt beaten to a pulp, reveals that she's evil, left him for dead, then reveals to his girlfriend Karen that he's been philandering with her. Coupled with a legal attack on Matt's ability to dispense legal advice to the community of poor that had been supporting him, the X-men's Inferno event scatters everything. Matt is left an emotional wreck again and decides to leave town.

1989. Daredevil Annual 5 (typo saying 4 on it--Marvel's database wiki lists it as 4B)(26 page story) Writer: Gerry Conway. Artists: Mark Bagley, Sam De La Rosa.

Part of the Atlantis Attacks! event, which apparently involved evil Atlanteans, Deviants and Hydra using the Serpent Crown to summon the demon god Set.

Someone both introspective and talkative magically watches Matt Murdock while he wanders into a little town in upstate New York state.

The man wailing for his friend sets out to the druggie clinic to bring him back. Strange reptile people surround him instead. Out of nowhere, Daredevil appears and fights them off. When the man tries to shoot one with his shotgun, DD stops him. The man tries to convince DD to come with him to save his friend.

Meet the bad guy! That nice Doctor Tyrone is really Tyrannus, sometime ruler of Subterranea! He's a mind controller, and has ambitions to do the Set summoning himself. For some reason, he waited until Viper was visiting (Dr. Tyrone has been posing as a member of Hydra) and decided to use her as the ritual sacrifice.

Yes, that's Spider-man on a leash.

Daredevil opens the canal gate, causing a flood. It allows Doctor Strange to interrupt the summoning.

Tyrannus tries to use all his mind control power on his summoned entity and succeeds! Unfortunately, he forgets he was using his mind control power to keep Viper a complacent sacrifice. She promptly stabs him in the gut and throws him into the ritual circle. The demon eats him and Strange closes the gate.

Everybody under Tyrannus' control is free.

Dr. Strange reverses the serpentine transformations and removes Spider-man's memory of Strange.

1989. Daredevil 270. (21 page story) Writer: Ann Nocenti. Artists: John Romita jr, Al Williamson.

Ann Nocenti decided the best villain for a nearly normal acrobat hero was Mephisto. The Big Enchilada himself. She introduced his interest in Daredevil in the last Christmas issue. Mephisto took the form of a seductive 'fallen' woman in a bar where Matt tried to drink to forget his betrayal of Karen and her subsequent disappearance.

Here Nocenti brings him back in a less human form, as well as creating a son for him, birthed out of human evil. And roses, apparently. Mephisto named him Blackheart.

Blackheart attacks a nearby Matt Murdock, who was in full costume doing a workout on a roller coaster. Peter Parker was visiting a friend upstate and noticed the commotion.

Peter notices that Matt isn't quite emotionally up to snuff yet. Blackheart feels instinctively that he should trick good people into killing him, and Matt feels the urge. However, Peter's spidersense tells him something bad would happen and convinces Matt to hold off. Blackheart is defeated and disappears for the time being.

So ends the 80's.

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Ann Nocenti is one of the most underrated writers in comics, IMO. I don't know why she never became one of the Big Names.