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Rulk vs.

Hulk 26. (6 pages from that issue. 1 scan from Hulk 27.)

Our hero has just finished the team up with Iron Man. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers has called in Red Hulk's next partner for the next mission.



(Posted because I can never get enough of Thor being called a hippy.)

Ross-Hulk (Why don't they code-name him 'Thunderbolt?') tries to talk Thor down.

Steve is getting annoyed because he suspects Bruce is letting things go on. So Bruce uses a hologram of Galactus to shock the pair into stopping.

Thor opens portals with his hammer to get Rulk to one comet, and himself to the other. They both destroy their comets. However..

Hulk 26. The preview is still viewable here. Skipping past it..

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It's like a list of Red Hulk myths they're debunking :)
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Systematically undoing all the shit that was terrible about Rulk in a way that emphatically doesn't let him dodge the blame for any of it is doing a downright shocking job of turning him into a character I'm actually sort of capable of caring about.

Shame nobody working on Iron Man in the last five years felt like giving that a try.
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Shame indeed :(
I dunno why they keep emphasizing it all, as if it made him 'cooler' or something. Sadness.

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my thoughts exactly

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on both counts.

Wow, you never *are* alone on SD!
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I'm enjoying a recent Marvel comic? With RULK on the cover? Wha....?
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Hmmm. Let's see..Who is writing this? Could it be that? I don't see any Star Wars looking name on the cover..

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I liked Thor's "God of the Vikings here, people." speech.

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Thor Rulk interaction for the win!

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I'm thinking that I need to add this to my sub list.
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I don't care what anyone says; Rulk punching The Watcher out forever made him aces in my book.
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I too enjoy it when the huge violent bully beats up the smart guy who doesn't really want to get into fights.

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"I did hear his whole message." THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU, THOR.

Seriously, can somebody do for Tony what this book is doing for Rulk? Because that would make me seriously happy.
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somebody do for Tony what this book is doing for Rulk?

Oh, that would be freaking awesome.
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[personal profile] thanekos 2010-11-28 04:18 pm (UTC)(link)
" SADLY I am forbidden to intervene.. "

now that's one of the better bolding emphasis I've seen in a while.

and as for 'whole other class', he did kill the Grandmaster once.. but got blasted by Galactus and punched over the horizon by a Hulk in the name of love, so it all works out.

... aaaaand he mocked Dormammu in person during that story, as well. He certainly liked to live dangerously- must've been the Hulk rush.
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"I am forbidden to intervene." What Uatu always says before intervening. Even showing up here counts, Uatu. You're not good at this.

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Well, this case he's not there to "watch" per se, but rather watch Rulk go through a black hole, so that Uatu can point and laugh.

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If the upcoming Red Hulk stories are going to involve characters from Loeb's run taking Ross "to school," who is left to take the Red Hulk to school?

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[personal profile] jlroberson 2010-11-28 07:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I dunno, but I'm looking forward to the line. I imagine it as something like the line of hookers in THE PRO waiting for revenge on the john who abused the main character. (the one who ends up losing his jaw) If you haven't seen it, it is long and each carries fiendish instruments of pain and death.

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The writers know what they're doing here, and it's glorious to watch to the point where I feel like I need to go drop another five into the Underground donation box just to reward good writing without actually buying a Marvel book. I wonder if the creative team on this book was grinding its teeth while reading Loeb's Red Hulk run too.

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arrrrgggggghhhhh!!! that word...RULK....ugh...lets kill it with cyanide pills (2 of em)
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Vague question from non-Hulk reader to anyone who happens to be passing:

How come Bruce is all cool and smart and helpful now, but a while back he was being shot into space and wrecking Manhattan and stuff? Was he stuck hulked out or something? How does it work these days?
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[personal profile] thanekos 2010-11-29 12:54 am (UTC)(link)
He came back down, and World War Hulk happened.

After that, a fight with the Red Hulk resulted in his temporary depowering, thanks to the former's energy draining powers. So he assumed the action super-scientist look for a time, developing personal force fields and tasers through which flowed ancient, alien energy.

Without the Hulk (and, perhaps, the last few events of his life), his personality did a change as well. And following his re-empowering (by absorbing transformative radiation that would otherwise've killed his fellow heroes) he's managed to maintain his new sense of self, intelligent Hulk and all.

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[personal profile] amaniwolf 2010-11-29 01:35 pm (UTC)(link)
As much as i love all the beating Rulk is taking, i want to see the Ladies of Marvel get their turn kicking the crap out of him. His win over them still stinks, and if all the rest can get in their licks, so can they.
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A capulse that lets give you an hour of air... another plot convenience device that won't reappear for sometime...
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Here just for the grin on Bruce's face as he watches Thor beat on Rulk.

[personal profile] smili 2010-11-29 09:55 pm (UTC)(link)
I have to admit to adoring Rulk's X-ray toes. They make him look so cute!
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I think I missed where Rulk punched Uatu...

And did Rulk become sorta-good or something at some point? I think I missed that as well.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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Okay, nevermind on the second part; just saw the post with the Iron Man confrontation.

--LBD "Nytetrayn"
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Ross-Hulk (Why don't they code-name him 'Thunderbolt?')

Because "Ross-Hulk" keeps him "Rulk," ugh.