Date: 2010-11-29 01:54 am (UTC)
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I used to like imagining Hugo as the guy in Arkham who no one wants to sit next to at lunch. Even Harvey--who hates them all--sits with the group, but Hugo's just a bit too off for them somehow.

That Joker story would be damn interesting, but only if the Joker treats him with anything other than the same pure dismissal he has for almost all other villains. Seeing Hugo with Lex would also be fascinating, because they're so similar but with distinct, subtle differences. For one thing, Hugo wears his evil right on his sleeve.

What do you make of the post-Crisis take on Hugo where he actually is crazy, but dangerously and brilliantly so? The thing that really made "Prey" Hugo work for me was that it showed how he was clearly insane, but far from stupid and knew exactly how to function and make himself appear sane.
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