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Spider-man/Daredevil: The 90s

Long time passes. Spider-man goes cosmic, gets the recurring menace of Venom, and Mary Jane even meets Matt's crazy ex Typhoid Mary. He has many guest appearances.

Daredevil returns from his epic journey and ends Nocenti's epic run. He gets back together with Foggy Nelson and in a climactic battle, tricks Hydra into picking a fight with the Kingpin and puts Typhoid Mary into an insane asylum. Matt uses the memory of Vanessa Fisk to push Kingpin over the edge mentally.

1992. Daredevil 300 Writer: D.G. Chichester. Artists: Lee Weeks, Al Williamson.

Tricked into believing a deal could be made with the government and forced to handle things personally because of the federal agents Matt has set after him, Kingpin retrieves the evidence he'd set up against Daredevil in 'Born Again'--Matt's billyclub with his fingerprints that was used to kill the cabbie whose vehicle Matt went into the river with.

Kingpin smashes through a moving ball art exhibit in his desperate attempt to escape with the fake evidence. A young couple observe him.

The Kingpin makes bail and disappears on the streets for a while. Matt gets his law license back and an office in a tall building that looks down over the city, and considers it a warning about pride.

Daredevil 305 (5 pages from 22 page story) Writer: D.G. Chichester. Artists: Chris Ivy, Scott McDaniel.

An old-fashioned teamup. There's a ruthless organ black marketeer picking up men in nightclubs and leaving them butchered for parts. The papers call her the Surgeon General (nowadays, she'd be Repo Woman). Both of them in a better place in their lives, Matt just calls Peter up and they meet at the building with eagle corners.

"You being a lawyer and all, you know about murder being a crime?"

Peter doesn't want MJ to know how he's helping DD out by clubbing, and DD is trying to woo Karen back..

One of the ladies trying to pick him up sets off Peter's spidersense, so he lets the Surgeon General get him alone. Peter lets her sneak up on him, to keep his identity safe.

It continues in that vein. Spidey is light and bantery, while DD is having anger problems that he keeps under the surface.

Repo Woman Surgeon General is a smart, quick thinker and utterly ruthless, making it harder to catch her than you'd think.

Daredevil 306 (4 and a quarter pages from a 26 page story) Writer: D.G. Chichester. Artists: Scott McDaniel, Bud LaRosa.

Chichester could be too flowery and Scott McDaniel had lots of room to improve, but the dialogue in the opener is fun.

In the interim, they do track down the Surgeon, who seems to be trying to set a record for mass murder organ harvesting. In the final fight, she accidentally slices herself open with her own razor sharp scalpel.

Never forget..

Daredevil is grim and gritty, and Spider-man is not.

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'Surgeon General'. Oh, bru-therrr. Still, she seems to have been a reasonably tough opponent, so at least there's that - I hate it when there are epic multi-issue storylines devoted to taking down a bad guy that the hero could have squashed like a bug in two seconds. If it takes a hero three or four issues to beat someone, they damn well better be WORTH it.