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More Empowered

For weakness week I scanned more Emp pages than I ended up using in the post, so here's another post of the awesomeness that is Emp for you :)

Just look at her there! Elissa can really look intimidating when she has to, it's easy to forget she has the whole "whited-out eyes" thing going for her when she's not kicking ass with her 'grr' face on.

Now, on to Emp being put through her paces by her kickass friend Ninjette :)

Emp's line: "Oh, like I'm not already self-concious enough about my chubby back side in the first place!"

Plasma bolt!

First panel: "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea..."
Third panel: "Don't roll your eyes at me buddy!"

Yea, shark! Jeese, what a jerk!

One page and one panel from Emp vol 1, one panel from Empowered vol 3
Empowered by Adam Warren
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[personal profile] badficwriter 2010-11-30 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
How come it didn't eat her arm?
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[personal profile] althechi 2010-11-30 02:10 am (UTC)(link)
The suit still works when it's ripped?
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Question: how does her suit get fixed every time? Is it a self-healing sentient alien or something?
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I love Empowered. I always list it among my favorites, mostly because I wish one of my comic book reading friends would just listen to my pleas and read it to humor me.

That scene with the shark terrifies me. Every time. Terrifying.

[personal profile] psychopathicus_rex 2010-11-30 07:26 am (UTC)(link)
That's pretty damn brave of Emp there, considering that one little rip in her sleeve from that shark's teeth leaves her arm vulnerable to biting-offishness.
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I am saddened by the lack of Maid Man in this post.