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Secret Avengers 6 (4 scans under cut)

Steve Rogers is leading an Avengers black ops team, composed of War Machine, Black Widow, Valkyrie, Antman, Moon Knight and Beast. (Nova left.)

A mysterious group called the Shadow Council released a godlike entity on Mars. While the Avengers were fighting that, another Shadow Council team seized the Serpent Crown that the Avengers had been safeguarding. They were led by a Nick Fury duplicate, who was revealed to be the experimental synthetic organism Life Model Decoy that Scorpio used the Zodiac Key to give memories and free will to. The Shadow Council rescued the LMD and named him 'Max.'

While looking for the Council in China, the Prince of Orphans found a reactivated group of the Black Dragon's looking for a resurrection mcguffin. Steve has Pete Wisdom track down the Black Dragon's son, Shang Chi. The Prince of Orphans rescues Shang from the Black Dragon group.

Shang agrees to accompany Steve and the Widow to infiltrate China to find the mcguffin. It's a trap.

The guy with the crazy horn mask is a zombie Black Dragon.

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