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Wolverine and Jubilee #1 wordless preview

It's not scans_daily without an image out of context. Marvel was kind enough to grace us with such an image. Newsarama has wordless art that we can have fun with.

One behind the cut.

Panel 1. - "I know what you're thinking, darlin'. You've got these enhanced senses now and you want to walk the sky, taste the air, race the moonlight. You want out and..."

Panel 2. - "You don't get it, Logan. I do want these things, now that I've gone through these... changes.... but I don't want out."

Panel 3. - "I want 'in'."

Panel 4. - "I have cravings that I can't deny, and I need me some of the "ol' one eye".

Panel 5. - "Jubes, I don't think Emma will take to kindly to you making a morsel out of Scott. I mean, she will tear you a-"

Panel 6. - "Oh. You're not talking about Cyclops. This is more a "True Blood" thing than a "Twilight" issue, isn't it?"
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1. Don't worry, kid, I got it covered...
2. ... I can't tell if it's a backwards six or an upside-down nine, but we fired the painter and a new one is on the way.
3. Forget about the damn number, Logan! It's bad enough you tried to give me a haircut after you had 10 beers, ...
4. ... but I wanna know what happened to that big rack I had for a little while?
5. Well, it was just a little nick, only six stitches. How many times do I have to apologize?
6. But you're right, where did those D-cups go...?