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Spider-man/Daredevil: The Love-child

Just in time for 30 Days of Winter, Family Day!

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Backstory: Technically, this is an alternate universe. Called MC2, for Marvel Comics 2. Or the Spidergirl universe, if you don't care about official names, because it started with the comic What If? 105 (What if Spider-man's baby lived?). This universe is almost exactly like the 616 universe, except that the heroes appeared in the 60's and 70's--like they mostly appeared in real history. They went through the continuity actually shown (Flash Thompson went to Vietnam, instead of some nameless conflict so he's not dated) and around the end of Amazing Spider-man volume one, in this universe, history took a turn.

In the 616 universe, Norman Osborn replaced Aunt May with an actress and kidnapped her, allowing Spidey to rescue her and bring her back in his life. Spider-man's baby died, or was murdered by Osborn--or, in the One More Day retcon, may never have existed.

In the Spidergirl universe, Aunt May died just as she seemed to. Norman Osborn kidnapped Peter and Mary Jane's baby May and replaced her with a dead child. Peter's evil-but-reformed-clone named Kaine rescued her and returned her to Mary Jane. Then, in a climactic battle, one of Norman Osborn's bombs malfunctioned, causing his death and causing Peter's leg to need amputation. Peter retires.

A few years ago, Daredevil died in battle, followed shortly by the incarceration of the Kingpin. A mysterious vigilante replaced Daredevil--a demonic version of Daredevil called Darkdevil. Baby May grows up and gets spiderpowers, which is supposedly roughly concurrent with the present day.

Spidergirl's story is by Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe and has been tradebacked. The first run is written in the second person, as if the reader was Spidergirl, and that can be annoying or charming, depending.

The Spidergirl title starts with May Parker making her own costume, based on her 'Uncle Ben's' (that would be Ben Reilly, Peter's clone who died). She's begun sneaking out at night to fight crime. She meets a real supervillain--called Crazy Eight--and gets her hiney handed to her. After running away, she finds someone watched the whole thing.

Nov 1998. Spider-girl 2 (Inked by Al Williamson.)

So, he's cryptic to a fault. He wears a cross between Nightcrawler's old outfit and Daredevil's. He's grim and gritty and serious, but has a sense of humor. Even if it's mostly sarcastic. He's a much smaller build than Murdock, who was tall and stacked. His powers have parallels in other demonic metahumans (Magick, Demogoblin, Ghost Rider). He's all about the tough love, but he seems to genuinely care about Spidergirl even though he love, love, LOVES to tease her. And has a disturbing amount of inside knowledge about her.

Spidergirl can't resist the challenge. She heads for the meeting, only to find Darkdevil nowhere around, but a heist under the control of Crazy Eight in progress. Afterwards, Darkdevil shows up. He's a dick.

Spider-girl 12

May goes looking for clues to deal with Mr. High-and-Mighty, and ends up checking with her dad, the original Peter Parker, who is now a police scientist. (With a beard!)

The original evil Spiderman clone himself, Kaine comes back into town and is up to his old violence. He and Darkdevil get into a thing, screaming invective at each other, pounding each other around a rooftop. Spidergirl (who doesn't know nothing but nothing about clones or Kaine's connection to her father) has been following Darkdevil around and decided to lend her support on his side. Kaine kicked both their butts and vanished.

Spider-girl 17

Kaine then approaches Doctor Parker and states he has a claim on Pete's daughter, but he's willing to drop it if Peter will stay out of his other business--namely, killing the Kingpin, who is temporarily out of prison for his appeal. Needless to say, Peter refuses and climbs his old butt into the spider-costume, artificial leg and all, to stop him. May finds out and goes after him. They start arguing on a rooftop and are interrupted..

Yes, she does indeed call him 'Horny'. Elsewhere, she calls him 'Darkie'. May needs politically correct remedial classes. Darkdevil and Spider-man try to go after Spidergirl, but are hampered because Peter has broken his artificial leg and DD won't leave him. Note that they're the same size.

Many people became convinced at this point that Darkdevil was Ben Reilly, returned from the dead with new powers, using a friend's costume for a disguise, in hiding so he didn't bring back old memories from Peter's awful time in the Clone Saga.

There was also confused speculation as to why his costume resembled Nightcrawler's so much.

Spidergirl succeeds in beating Kaine, though many readers were convinced that Kaine took a dive, to avoid hurting her (since she's like a daughter to him). The 'boys' have caught up in time to see the big finish. The old guy to the right in the first panel is a very crochety J.Jonah Jameson.

Sadly, Darkdevil's out of character respect for Peter doesn't change Pete's opinion. They ran across each other again when a copycat of Spider-man showed up, claiming to be the original, in a slightly different costume. The copycat turned out to be Jessica Drew's son (original Spiderwoman). He has wallcrawling ability, strength, speed, agility, and organic webbing, but no spider sense. Or sense period. He's also a class A jerk and manages to annoy everyone, including DarkD.

Spider-girl 43

Darkdevil finally teams with him after the Spiderboy talks about his responsibility for the gang war that's been going on. Peter does that Spiderthang again in order to talk to the copycat, and shows up in time to end a fight.

Darkdevil vanishes almost immediately, lest someone have a moment. Peter treats the copycat kindly, with respect. As a matter of fact, every costume and name Peter's had has been ripped off at one time or another, but Peter's never been as hateful as he is to this one guy who wants to wear a Devil themed costume, but isn't Matt Murdock.

So, who is he anyway?

This is from the Darkdevil mini, written by DeFalco and drawn by Ron Frenz. Kaine is remembering to himself. For some reason, Kaine dropped the reform bit for awhile to work for the Kingpin.

Darkdevil 1

I'm guessing Daredevil was about 40 or so here. He definitely knew Kaine was Evil!Peter. Indeed, to him, Kaine probably looked much like Peter in a big-man-suit, since he'd claimed that Ben Reilly had the same heartbeat as Peter. Which might explain his bitterness at Kaine. Daredevil expected better.

Next, Darkdevil dreams of the past.

Apparently, Ben Reilly's girlfriend had had a son, that she kept secret from him. Considering that Ben was being persecuted by the insane Kaine at the time, who would do *anything* to hurt him, it's no wonder. (Her story has been told in the minis Spiderman: The Lost Years, and Spiderman: Redemption, though no mention of a child is made at the time.)

No clue when the child was born, so we don't know if he's older or younger than May. Kaine kept an eye on the kid, who grew up a fosterling before being returned to state care. His spiderpowers came early, and he began getting in trouble with people. When clone degeneration began to manifest in the boy's body just as it did in Kaine's, Kaine took him in and put him in a semi-suspended state inside a tube so Kaine'd have time to work on a cure.

This is probably why Kaine wanted money badly enough to work for the Kingpin. The lab is likely the old lab Jackal made the original clones in.

Darkdevil 2

Why does Kaine have skills in magic? Well, 'mastered' is a relative term. He probably stole the books from the Brotherhood of the Scriers when he recovered baby May from them. And he 'mastered' them enough to summon the true power behind the Scriers. A demon, unrestrained.

Zarathos, by the way, was the demon half of the original Ghost Rider, along with Johnny Blaze. Prior to Blaze' rebellion, Zarathos was enslaved to Mephisto. Prior to that, he was a local demon god in own right, looking like he does above, until Mephisto beat him. The form he gives the child is the one he uses when he acts as the head of the Brotherhood of Scriers.

The kid blames Kaine for what happened. Kaine, afflicted with Peter-guilt, blames himself, and leaves, abandoning a now 14-year-old kid. Eventually, the kid learns to use the powers Zarathos implanted in the body, regaining a human form. But it's still an adult body. Good thing Daredevil stuck around inside.

Darkdevil 3

No clue if 'Reilly Tyne' has always been his name or it's just a new identity he made up after Kaine told him his true origins. Also no clue how much of Matt's powers or memory he has...but he had to fake his background, tackle grad school and even impressed the Kingpin at a very tender age. He has shown no evidence of spider sense, so his old powers may be gone.

As you can see, Reilly looks very much like Peter--not that Peter has a clue..

Spider-girl 82. Writer: Tom DeFalco. Artists: Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema.

..but behaves mostly like Matt. His hair color has had several retcons, but eventually they've settled that he's got red hair and blue eyes like his mother. Probably deliberately, his dress style used to be very plain and dorky, much as Peter's used to be, but suddenly changed to wildly clashing colors that somehow were also quite stylish.

My personal guess is that Kaine left behind all the blood money he made working for the Kingpin and that Reilly used it, ironically, to fake paperwork and go to law school.

Why do Reilly and Kaine fight? Because Reilly held a grudge and Kaine hates feeling guilty, I suppose. They have since come to an uneasy truce.

In the mini Last Hero Standing, many older heroes were stripped by Loki of their compassion, turning them into merciless vigilantes. Spiderman has been affected and has gotten a bionic leg.

Last Hero Standing 3 Writer: Tom DeFalco. Artists: Mike Wieringo, Scott Koblish.

Enchanted Peter ends up trying to convince the Avengers to kill Darkdevil before he is freed. Then at the end of the first volume, the Green Goblin possesses Peter and beats Darkdevil to a pulp, while unmasked. By now, Darkdevil has every reason to resent Peter. Three guesses how Peter is going to feel when he finds out! Not only is the kid equivalent to Peter's biological son but he also has Matt Murdock's soul, essentially being his reincarnation...

And that's why DeFalco is a SLASHER, folks.

EDIT: After a couple reboots, Spider-girl is in limbo again. While Darkdevil and Kaine continued to show up and snipe at each other, there's been no real change with this subplot.

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