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Last time, we saw the current Iron Fist, Danny Rand, meet the oldest and most venerated of the Immortal Weapons, John Aman, the Prince of Orphans.

There was a time, apparently, when John hunted Danny's predecessor constantly, seeking to kill him. What was that all about? And what happened to change John's mind?

Orson Randall had fled his duties as Immortal Weapon of the heavenly city of K'un-Lun. But, he does have adventures and fight crime with an oddball collection of pulp heroes called the Confederates of the Curious (heavy shades of Doc Savage or the Shadow's network of agents).

One of them, a stage magician, is knocked out when detecting a mysterious "dark man" sitting in the audience during a performance. While recovering backstage, a green mist seeps into the room and forms into John Aman. Orson tells the others to cheese it out a secret exit.

That chipper sidekick is Wendell Rand, Danny's father. Orson order's the Confederates (really not a good name choice, Orson) out West to try and escape into the wilderness. Which doesn't really make any sense, since the Frontier was dead long before these stories would be taking place, but I guess they wanted some more "Iron Fist in the Wild West ala Caine".

Orson and the Confederates are next seen trying to bust their resident strong man out of imprisonment by a gang of "Honey Trap" bounty hunters who like to dress like they're in a Britney Spears video. In the midst of a big brawl, John Aman shows up to collect the actual bounty, Orson.

The big man stupidly gets in between the two and is nearly killed.

Despite disbanding the group, Wendell tags along with Orson for several more years like a stray pup, and we next see him being carried by Orson towards a dark castle in a rainstorm after he tried showing some toughs "how to catch a bullet."

The castle is "that castle" which houses a Monster (THAT monster) and a young scientist by the name of Frankenstein. Orson believes he can fix up his wounded friend but is treated to a stiff pat on the head by the Monster. Seems Frankie Jr. is actually Frankie Sr., just with a little brain-switcheroo... the surgeon's way.

Parent of the Year, Dr. Frankenstein is not.

He's just about to "experiment" on Orson and Wendell when John Aman shows up.

For whatever reason, John wears goggles now. They do nothing They look awesome.

Hmm, food for thought. So, Orson is hiding out somewhere when a telegram reaches him. His father is on his death bed, somewhere in Paris. When he finally tracks down where he's supposed to be... nothing. No one is in the room.

So that's what happened. Wendell, while training to become the next Iron Fist, makes good friends with a young Davos, but doubts and hidden demons plague them both and... well, things didn't go so well. For anybody.

But did John Aman and Danny succeed in exposing the centuries of lies and manipulation? Did the revolution succeed? Tune in tomorrow for our finale.

Artists on this:
Part 1: Nick Dragotta, Mike Allred, Laura Allred
Part 2: Russ Heath
Part 3: Lewis LaRosa, Stefano Gaudiano, Matt Hollingsworth
Part 4: Mitch Breitweiser, Matt Hollingsworth

11 of 36 pages from Orson Randall and the Green Mist of Death one-shot.

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There's also the issue that the Tournament of Heaven is supposed to decide which city has prime access to the Earth realm, is unnecessary.


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