long_silence ([personal profile] long_silence) wrote in [community profile] scans_daily2010-12-08 11:56 am

More Age of X

In my last post I tried to explain the plot to the upcoming mini-event in the X-men books, "Age of X". So I figured why stop now?

Yesterday Marvel released the Bachalo variant for Age of X: Alpha #1 the oneshot that starts off the event before it continues in New Mutants and X-men Legacy for 3 months.

Not Bachalo's best work, it's still pretty exciting. Though I had been hoping that Wolverine wouldn't be part of this storyline. But it's good to see Jubilee and Chamber receive more face time.

Marvel also released the Coipel cover for Age of X: Alpha #1. We've already seen this, but this time it doesn't have that annoying CBR exclusive tag at the bottom.

In this week's comics these was once again a QR code in an Age of X advertisement linking to "Age of X Historical Log 2B".