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Here's my contribution to today's romance theme.

Taken from the I ♥ Marvel - My Mutant Heart one-shot.

Wherein hardboiled private detective Chandler breaks his number one rule and falls hard for the person he's meant to be tailing.

2.6 pages out of 8 beneath the cut.

Chandler's hired by socialite Gilray to trail his wife Brigit, who he's convinced is having an affair. They're both young, successful and rich and Chandler wonders who could tempt Brigit away from her seemingly happy life.

He soon finds out.

Doop's story

Doop's story

Doop's story

Doop's story

Doop's story

Date: 2010-12-08 11:22 pm (UTC)
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Well that's just wonderful!

They look so happy. Awww.


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