Date: 2010-12-09 07:53 am (UTC)
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Y'know, I've owned this issue for years, but it wasn't until I started planning out this project that I sat down to properly read it. I guess I was shallowly put off by the shoddy print quality, plus my general distaste for Cowan's art and how he draws Hugo in particular (all the more so because they subsequently chose him to draw Hugo's Who's Who entry):

Doesn't really capture the menace of the character, I don't think. YMMV.

What, you have? You haven't friended me, have you? Hell, please do! And LJ too, if you'd like. I've always liked your opinions, even when I've disagreed. So yeah, no stalkin' from you. :)

Now, right away, we may come up with some disagreement, because I grew up with Moench's Batman run, and I dislike the vast majority. There are a handful of his works that I adore, like this, Prey and Batman/Dracula: Red Rain. The rest either fall flat for me, or make me groan. His Scarecrow stories particularly come to mind. He's pretty much written the same Scarecrow story four times... one of which I'm actually going to post, as it's the sequel to Prey! Man, talk about Moench and Gulacy trying and failing to catch the lightning in *that* bottle!

Aztec Ace, however, is something I've never read. And even taking your personal bias into consideration, I'm now curious to check it out.

Do you still have the Flagg drawing?
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