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You know the more we analyze this the more Superman is kind of a dick here.
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It's dickish in general for the heroes to withhold the tech they use everyday.

Hell, Hal Jordan/John Stewart/Guy Gardner could jump Earth ahead centuries with what they bring back.
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I can imagine the Guardians have a "Prime Directive" code about such things.
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Which should be voided by the amount of alien contact Earth has had.
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Really? Hal listens to the Guardians still? After all the bullshit in recent years with the Alpha Lanterns and Blackest night?

Besides, I though Hal and the other sex primary ringbearers were the Guardians now (And as daft as that sounds Larfleeze, SInestro and Atrocitus would probably do a better job than the Guardians. Hell at least Sinestro would fix the kids face, if only to prove how awesome he is.)

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Sex primary ringbearers? Which book is that in? I think that I missed something important.
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I meant six.
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Oh, what a shame... I much preferred the typo! :P

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Generally, the GLs of Earth would have to steal to acquire tech for Earth. They have no currency that would be of value anywhere but on Earth. So they couldn't purchase from planets other than Oa(because tech on Oa belongs to the Guardians so they could only take it with permission unless they wanted to steal it.) Trading services for the tech would be akin to either blackmail or taking bribes. They could use their rings to mine for precious materials they could use for purchase or trade for currency for purchase. BUT then they'd have less time doing their jobs.