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I'm pleased to say that this is my first post in the long years of lurking around this community!

Seeing as this is a community heavily invested in the trials and tribulations of heroes and their nemeses, there will surely be no small representation in today's category. But on meditating on the subject further (and retreading Alan Moore's fantastic, overstuffed graphic novel, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), I was reminded of an even older rivalry predating superhero comics: That of Sherlock Holmes, great detective, versus James Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime.

So then! Here are seven pages from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 1, Issue 5.

For those who like context, this is Alan Moore's rendition of the final scene of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes short story, The Final Problem. (Also another note that most of my knowledge of the literary references of the series is supplemented by This website, just in case any of you with a copy of The League and feel like tracking down all those weird little details.)

This page and the preceding one are what makes them worthy of this post. Two intelligent men of highly polar moral views, almost amiable in their dialogue as each makes their characters clear: Moriarty is animated and sinister beneath his joviality, Holmes calm and composed as he writes his (presumably) last, fateful letter to Watson, who was led away by the ruse described in panel 2.

(According to the aforementioned annotations website, Sherlock uses baritsu in this scene, a Japanese form of wrestling.)

From Arthur Conan Doyle's next Holmes story, The Adventure of the Empty House: "I am not a fanciful person, but I give you my word that I seemed to hear Moriarty's voice screaming at me out of the abyss."

This scene, done in flashback, then reverts back to the "present day" of the story, in which Moriarty and Bond are speaking in length on their plans while thinking back on the "fateful day" in Switzerland - all while the Invisible Man listens, unheard. It's a great set-up for a bad guy - Moriarty is shown as brilliant, more than a little demented, and worse than that, actually a figure in the workings of the British government. And it is the one scene where Sherlock Holmes is shown, though he is referenced a few times later on in the lore of the LoeG.

I'd like to take a moment to thank the mod team for coming up with these daily themes - it's great inspiration for first time posters!

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I think that theme posts should be exempt, to a certain extent. Just to allow people to post things that fit the theme, even if they have already been posted.


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