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Well I haven't been participating much in the 30 Days of Winter posts school stuff making it hard but I had to make sure to chime in on this day.

Not quite sure if this fits exactly since it's not really comics for LGBTQ readers but it does feature a Gay character so I'll assume it's okay.

Back in 2004 Marvel Team Up had a 25 issue run ending in 2006 just prior to Civil War. Written by Robert Kirkman (of Invincible fame) it had many fun little odd team-ups with the like of say Punisher and Blade "teaming" up and so on. Lots of fun. But my memories of the series will always be of one awesome character who was introduced at the very end of the run in issue 20 his name : Freedom Ring.

He didn't have quite a good end and many readers were outraged at his final fate but without getting into the broohaha that was his end let's see how his story began and the fun the character was.

7 pages from issue 20
5 pages from 21

Each from 22 page stories

Before this part of the series their was a bit of an overarching story concerning HYDRA creating a power ring with a piece of a cosmic cube that Mandarin tried to obtain and Captain America almost recovered for S.H.I.E.L.D. During the items recovery Cap placed it in one of his pouches for safe keeping but it came out during a battle and Cap didn't notice for some time, losing the power ring.

Our story begins at a small diner in Manhattan.

So of course we see how his social life works a bit and some of his personality quirks. The syrup thing never fails to amuse me but damn if it wouldn't make a mess too easily.

Back at home Curtis is randomly thinking about how cool it'd be to have a sundae. Then it pops up in the air. Right in front of him. He of course freaks out, runs away and then goes back into his apartment and calls his friend Troy.

After a night of making out/experimenting...

Ok, no all that stuff was apparently the ring acting out his dream.

He and Troy some time later go back to the diner and meet their friends as usual.

And so Curtis hath got a boyfriend. End of issue.

Issue 21 opens up with a nice summary of how Curtis' new "dumb ring" works. 

And here comes the fun(ner) part.

He's totally hitting on you Curtis.

I really love Curtis' reasoning there. You don't have to have some tragic story for a reason to want to use what you can to do good. It's one of the reasons I love the guy. The other is coming up.

Guest appearance by the Shield!

And yes, I love that Curtis makes a point that you don't have to have an American flag on you to be patriotic an d he doesn't let supeheroics get too in the way of his dating life. Or he tries anyway.

Curtis and Jeffrey go on their date but this being Marvel New York the Abomination appears out of nowhere and attacks. Curtis acts like he's hysterically afraid.

And I'll end there because the next pages don't go that well for Curtis my boy.

And yeah it's a shame Marvel didn't continue to use him. He's a great light-hearted super hero that some people have likened to being Marvel's Kyle Rayner.                                                                                                              
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