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And now, Batman...

More signs that the writers and artists at DC love us. Or at least Kevin Smith reads this. (Hi Kevin!).
DCUBlog has two pages of the Wydening gyre preview made juuuust for us.

Aww hell, all three pages. They cannot be denied.

That's not sea water on the sides of Aquaman's mouth...

'Companion' indeed....

Arthur, what exactly is "our world"?
And Bruce, you need to give him the Bat-stare, not the "lady doth protest too much" glare.

*sniff* Arthur, are you wearing ambergris?

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Ok artists remember Batman doesn't have scars. It simply makes no sense to draw him like he's recently been whipped. Unless....
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I was thinking the same damn thing , whats up with all the scars, a few I could understand, but jeeez talk about overkill.

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Nah--he was seeing Silver at that point in the story, not Selina...

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Narcissist egotism go!

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May I just say, I love seeing Batman called Deedee. And, yes, it is solely because that's the nick name Lady Lawful uses for her arch-nemesis/teammate/husband Doctor Developer.
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Question - is this a reprint?

Also, is it set in the reg DC U?

I don't read Batman, but from the previews I've seen this looks really good.
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what nova_prime said

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Normally, I give DC a miss, but damn it, I'm loling, and I'll buy anything that has lulz.

Re: what nova_prime said

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Yeah, they're just reprinting pages from a book that came out some time ago. This is from Batman: The Widening Gyre, and the first six issues of it is hitting hardback either this Wednesday, or it came out last Wednesday.
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I read the whole miniseries and I enjoyed it, but I have a high tolerance for Kevin Smith humor. Batman purists have listed this as one of the worst series ever.

Be warned, the series is just Part One.
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So dolphins can relay human speech to Arthur? What, is this writer some kind of stoned or something. Although Arthur asking Bruce about Diana, that's a lot of extra points in retro's book for Trinity shipping.

Picky retro time: Third to the last panel is Bruce with perfect depiction hair that's recently been underwater. First panel of Arthur - behold the magic of Aquanet.

Dee Dee will always be one Harley's grandkids to me.

In the last panel, the part of Bruce Wayne will be played by Sylvester Stallone. Adrian!
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What, is this writer some kind of stoned or something.

Given that it's Kevin Smith, all signs point to yes.

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[personal profile] kashmirkong 2010-12-15 03:13 am (UTC)(link)
Kevin Smith admitted he wrote the whole thing stoned.

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You'd think I would of learned by now that it is not a good idea to romp through S_D while eating cup noodles. I choked, I really did. Several times.
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You are not alone, my friend.
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That's not my Aquaman.

And yet, it is.
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Ummm.... Given that this came out months ago, why is anyone calling this a "preview"?
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So it's not just me that thinks that this is as bill as the hills?

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I guess it's a preview of the hardcover of the first six issues.
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when I saw this

I thought of this/him and I giggled

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I demand an "O RLY?" icon of Bruce's face!

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I sorta hate the way Kevin Smith writes.

Sorta? Wait, no, I just hate it period.
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"Is that a narwhal in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
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Question--was I the only one who actually liked Widening Gyre? It definitely had flaws, but I still pretty much enjoyed it.
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Saying the Widening Gyre has flaws is like saying Pompeii had a few casualties.

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