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Suggestion Box

Welcome to Scans Daily's official Suggestion Box. If you've got a question, concern or suggestion about Scans Daily, here's where you can post it.

This post will be linked to in our profile, and checked regularly by the mods. Comments won't be screened, so you can suggest amongst yourselves.

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Try to get people to use a lower dpi when they scan. For most 200 works just fine. Some people are using 600 and more and its a pain to open if there are many pages :)

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I suggest we try and get things back to the way they were back on livejournal, (i.e no page limit thingy)

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? There was always pretty much some kind of page limit.

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A warning tag for potential therapy enducing content.

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How do we get more variety here?
I have no idea...more members?

It just seems like we're always looking at the same titles and characters over and over and over and over....

I seem to remember S_D#1 being more varied and full of surprises....

Re: Variety

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We were much bigger back on LJ. We had a lot more people coming and going.

Here, not so much. :(

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Is there a way to put the "Leave a comment" button at the bottom of the page?

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Is there some way we can get the list of tags in one place to make searching easier? The new "char/creator/title/event: codename/real name/mother's maiden name" tag format can make tags a little tough to remember.

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What follows is more of a "community philosophy/mission statement" suggestion than a hard-and-fast rule or feature suggestion.

I would like to see much less knee-jerk negativity in scans_daily. Creator-bashing, publisher-bashing, title-bashing, character-bashing: there was getting to be far too much of this in the old community and it seems to be creeping up here again.

It is not necessary to type "whoreswhoreswhores" every time a writer's name is mentioned. It is not necessary to wish death upon an editor, writer or artist, as opposed to stating in a civil manner what it is about their work you object to. It is not necessary to post long rants about how you'll "never read anything by [title/author/publisher] again" and to curse [author/publisher] for "ruining [a character/your childhood memories]".

I would like to see scans_daily become more of a constructive celebration of comics, rather than a forum to reflexively (and viciously) bash comics one hates. I am emphatically NOT saying there should be no criticism whatsoever of comics. What I am saying is that I'd like to see the focus be on what we love about comics, or how we think comics could be better, not what we hate about them.

And I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that people who are incapable of, or unwilling to, contribute to a positive and constructive discussion about comics, and who can only express anger and bitterness about the medium or works therein...should be gently encouraged to find another community.

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Much love to the icon.

I'm somewhat ambivalent about people being discouraged from expressing their negative feelings very strongly here. Too much hating and complaining can turn a place sour, but sharing your strong feelings, both positive and negative, are an important part of reacting to art--but I wholly agree with this part of the statement: "I would like to see scans_daily become more of a constructive celebration of comics."

I guess I just see some bitching as being constructive, in a roundabout sort of way. This isn't a concrit community for creators--it's a social space for readers.

It would be nice, I suppose, if, when expressing intense dislike of a work or a creator, people were encouraged to lean on the side of articulating what makes them feel that way.

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I've been really enjoying the bat/cat week(s) we've been having. I know there was a Clois week as well. I always enjoyed these theme weeks and hope we can have more, I think it encourages more people to participate.

But also really enjoyed that every once in awhile we'd see a thought provoking essay on old S_D. We might agree/disagree, but there was discussion.
I am really really liking that there's been so much more discussion on noscans. However, is it possible to write an essay, post it on noscans and link to this site, rather than describe a scenario? (Take frex the post I did at noscans about the Mad Love GN).

More Cowbell!

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Theme weeks and scan-off-style duel are fun. Friendly dialogue and nerd-battles. I got into one a few days ago and it was fun and I got into the digging through a longbox and going, "Oh yeah? check this out."

Seriously, I got a fever and the only cure is more cowbell!

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What if a work is incredibly short, like one, two, or three pages? Does the one third rule still apply?

Also, I'm not clear on what the rules for anthologies are. I thought it was the anthology as a whole that counted as one work for the purposes of the one-third rule because I keep seeing short stories being put up in full here and there, but apparently I'm wrong?
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Currently the third of a story rule still applies and we're trying to clarify that rule since, as you say, there's been a number of posts of complete stories. The only exceptions we've made to full stories being posted was on stories which were distributed free. Other than that, the third rule should still apply.

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Could we have a "topic: videogames" tag or something similar? I ask because there's been a few posts which deal with video games in general, either as ads (this ( or with webcomics, so on and so forth. I'm not sure if "theme" would fit.

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Could you remind us again in a week or two? We're a bit swamped right now, but that's a legit question.

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The "legal requirement" should be changed to posts requiring at least 1 comic related piece of art. The current wording is stupidly restrictive.

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I need a clarification about the posting of co features. They are 8 pages and it doesn't work out in 3rds. Do we round up to 3 pages per back up.
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HTML fail

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The <title> tag on entries is empty again--for a while, entries here had their titles in their <title>, but now they don't, again. (Might not be explaining this well.) Without that, navigating through browser history (with the Awesomebar or the history search) is really, really confusing with nothing but the URL to go by. Can we bring title-titles back?

I dunno why there's any layout without them, honestly.

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Is there any chance of changing the tagging system to the way it was on Old Scans Daily?
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I would like to see xdoop's ban reconsidered, or at the very least acknowledged and discussed, rather than swept under the rug. If "the community voted on it" was part of the ban, then surely the community should be informed and allowed to comment?

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Well, I did not know that we had a suggestion box
I'm very sorry for sending a suggestion via personal message on livejournal a while back to one of you mods (I forget who it was) before finding this

But anywho, I know that fanart definitely does not qualify as a legal post, but I was wondering I maybe once in a blue moon we could have a fanart friday.
I mean, we've got several hundred people who frequent scans daily, and I would bet that quite a few have dabbled in fanart
I dunno, I just think that it would be cool to see people's artistic skill applied to their favorite characters from comics, mangas, or graphic novels.

I think that maybe this was brought up briefly in a regular scans daily post not too while ago, and from what I understand you guys tried to have a day like that and it went horribly wrong somehow. If we tried again, maybe there could be stricter rules or something to prevent the problems that happened before?

Maybe a fanart day isn't viable, but I just figured I would throw that idea out there. Thanks for your time! : )
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Who keeps removing the tags?

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I always have to re-tag my posts because someone removes the tags over and over.

Is there any way to make it so only the creator and mods can change the tags of a post?
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I have a hard time when something is a comment or a response. Can we put more space between comments and replies so they look different?
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Hi Mods,

Had a quick question. Can I post a motion comic I found from WB's site as an embedded video here? Also, would this count as a comic or do i need a scan for legality?
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I have found a Female privilege list That you might want on your privilege list
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Get I get the rest of the tags put on my Robert E. Howard mega-post?
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Minor suggestion: edit the community profile to reflect current tagging procedure. Right now it's telling posters to do it themselves.

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Adjust the rule where one person can only post four pages of the new issue, while it's a new issue. THere aren't enough people taking the chance to post pages 5-7. And when the issue is no longer new people are focusing on the next issue.

I'd suggest changing it so one week after the issue comes out if nothing has been posted one person can post all seven pages, and if the first four pages have been posted then that person can then post the next three.
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I wrote this in one of my posts without knowing that there was a suggestion box, sorry!
I wanted to do a series about the History and Best of Renee Montoya (now The Question), because I remember that the old s_d used to have people posting series like that on their favorite characters. Is that okay for me to do?