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Tony Stark learns the difference between a God of Thunder and a mortal man in a metal suit

Greetings True Believers!

This is one of my favorite moments from the Straczynski run on Thor. The reaction from Thor when he confronts Tony about the clone that Stark, Reed and Skrull-Pym created during the Civil War.

Thor has just returned to Midgard and placed Asgard in it's new home of Broxton, Oklahoma. He's searching for the lost Asgardians when he encounters Iron Man in New Orleans and shows him a different definition of power.

Thor has discovered Heimdall in New Orleans after the Hurricane. Tony interrupts him and begins to explain (very arrogantly) that the world has changed and he can't place Asgard in the American Heartland with no problems. He tells Thor to place Asgard somewhere else while "You sign on with the good guys again and we get back to work."

He asks Thor for a answer.

The God of Thunder responds.

Tony is probably thinking he took the wrong tone now.

Oh, the arrogance of Tony. I know this is a gift to the fans but it's a inaccurate example of Stark's faults.

"In this time, and in this place, I am no longer holding back."

I forget where but it's said in one book that Thor has never fought a mortal foe with more then one-third of his strength.

Thor threatens to unleash the full power of the storm against the government if Asgard is threatened.

Tony folds and says he'll consider Asgard and its people outside of the jurisdiction of the Registration Act. Thor tells him he may leave.

"My armor's fried. How am I supposed to get back to base?"


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When I first heard of Clor, I immediately imagined a scene where Thor beats the everloving crap out of Tony Stark for what he did. This is exactly like the scene in my head only a zillion times better. So awesome.
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I had no problem with this (which reminds me: Has Thor run into Reed since Civil War?) But they did pile it on with everybody seemingly getting a chance to kick Tony's ass.
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He deserved it. As Thor himself says, "you put all the weaker heroes who we ever called 'friend' and fought beside as Avengers... into a fucking prison. in a place that's so depressing by it's very subatomic nature, people are driven to suicide."

I also can't believe Reed only ever got the beatdown he deserved from Hulk but not from the families of those heroes he imprisoned in "42".

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Favorite Tony Stark beat downs..this being at the top. No. 2 being She-Hulk owning his ass. Hell I'm someone who usually waits for trades but I had to buy that issue. No. 3 Hulk kicking his ass in World War Hulk. He had it coming.

I also agree with freezer, Tony shouldn't have been the only one getting his ass kicked. Reed needed a good lashing and I'm surprised Sue cut him such slack that damn fast and easily.
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Has the She-Hulk beatdown been posted anywhere?

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Eh, WWH was much more about Bruce's failings than the Illuminati's.

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that is exactly my issue with Sue! (see above)
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I don't care how many times I see it, this Never. Gets. Old.

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I got the collection in hardcover just so I could re-read this section. Over. And. Over.
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I think it's the bit where Tony says "You don't understand,.. let me explain" that any last molecules of pity I might have had gave out. I think the angry thunder god with a hammer that can demolish mountains is just a teensy weensy bit beyond "explanations" at this point, so stop digging yourself and even bigger hole...

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"You don't know the full story here" ? Seriously, Tony? You think there's any kind of explanation in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE MULTIVERSE that's going to excuse Clor?

He did something pretty much unforgivably heinous with the genetic material of one of his best friends and when said friend comes back /utterly furious/ he tries to argue his moral authority?

Of course, he did exactly the same while he was beating the crap out of Peter for so much as daring to object to the Negative Zone prison scheme, which is one of the reasons why pretty much everybody absolutely enjoyed this richly deserved beatdown...

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There was a throw away line in an Avengers issue years ago where Thor said something to the effect that he was always holding back because he didn't want to make the rest of the Avengers feel useless.
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I thought Clor was one of the worst* things Tony and his compatriots did; and it was made worse by the facts a) Thor had done nothing, nothing at all that could possibly warrant Tony doing this to him; and b) Tony's had entire arcs devoted to his passionate need not to see slaughter and death done in his name, with his tech. He really, really, should have known better.

I never wanted a whole load of beatdowns, though. I wanted to see Tony express some genuine remorse for the shit that went down. Apart from Confession, he never really did. Thor, of all people, deserved a sincere apology.

*A tie with putting kids in a Negative Zone prison without trial, I think.

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Right because under any logic Tony and Reed should be facing charges in the death of Bill Foster. Still bitter.

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I usually imagine Iron Man sounding like RDJ, but I tried reading this having Thor sound like Chris Hemsworth.

It actually works out pretty well.
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I demand a version of this scene in The Avengers movie.
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Alot of people did horrible things that never seemed to come back to haunt them, Tony, Reed and even Carol Danvers, she used Julia Carpenter's child as a weapon against her, threatening she would be taken, and using Cap's Death as a ploy to trap the Secret Avengers. I rarely here any anger over what she did. In the end...i had a feeling this would all be forgotten, rather then dealt with.

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I didn't like this fight.

Not because it wasn't deserved, but because it was so... Not-interesting.

It was Tony wanting to talk, and Thor beating him up. There was absolutely no sense that Tony was fighting back (even though Thor would STILL win even if he did, but he doesen't even try)

It should have been Tony's A-game vs. the God of Thunder, The best of crazy tech vs. the ancient mythic weapons of the gods. Instead it's just Thor beating up a guy who's not really fighting back.

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Yeow. Thor is SCARY when he's riled up. And he does righteous anger with the best of them.
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I miss when this comic was good...