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Greetings True Believers!

This is one of my favorite moments from the Straczynski run on Thor. The reaction from Thor when he confronts Tony about the clone that Stark, Reed and Skrull-Pym created during the Civil War.

Thor has just returned to Midgard and placed Asgard in it's new home of Broxton, Oklahoma. He's searching for the lost Asgardians when he encounters Iron Man in New Orleans and shows him a different definition of power.

Thor has discovered Heimdall in New Orleans after the Hurricane. Tony interrupts him and begins to explain (very arrogantly) that the world has changed and he can't place Asgard in the American Heartland with no problems. He tells Thor to place Asgard somewhere else while "You sign on with the good guys again and we get back to work."

He asks Thor for a answer.

The God of Thunder responds.

Tony is probably thinking he took the wrong tone now.

Oh, the arrogance of Tony. I know this is a gift to the fans but it's a inaccurate example of Stark's faults.

"In this time, and in this place, I am no longer holding back."

I forget where but it's said in one book that Thor has never fought a mortal foe with more then one-third of his strength.

Thor threatens to unleash the full power of the storm against the government if Asgard is threatened.

Tony folds and says he'll consider Asgard and its people outside of the jurisdiction of the Registration Act. Thor tells him he may leave.

"My armor's fried. How am I supposed to get back to base?"


Date: 2010-12-17 10:56 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] amaniwolf
Ahh....i agree, but he did get called out on all the evils he did by Doom who told Reed, in the end, he was a bigger villain then Doom himself. Now that was great.

Date: 2010-12-17 11:13 pm (UTC)
sindra: (drac_fail)
From: [personal profile] sindra
Yeah, that's the thing about Doom - he knows 90% of the stuff he does is morally unsound or outright bad. He does it anyway for whatever reason, be it for himself or his country. (he's alot like Vlad Tepes to me in that regard)

Reed's just outright blind to the immoral shit he does because he's so wrapped up in himself he doesn't notice. (another reason why I'm not a huge fan of Sue either, as one person already said.....she doesn't call Reed on most of his shit either)

Date: 2010-12-18 12:06 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] icon_uk
I always recall the scene with Cloak and Dagger meeting Doom, and Dagger blasts him with her light knives, which will confront anyone with the evil they have committed. Doom is completely unaffected, because he has never, not even for one second, viewed himself as evil. EVERYTHING he has done, good or bad, has been for the only good that makes sense; Doom ruling all.

Compare and contrast with the ruthless Duchess in Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters, who is confronted by a spell which makes her relive every single evil thing she has ever done, and her reaction is more or less "So? Was that supposed to put me off? I'd do it all again.... except slower and more molten lead"


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