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Some panels from Amazing Spider-Man #650

I might be posting more later, but until then, here are two panels from the latest issue of ASM. 

I'll just let the fail speak for itself here.

(To clarify, the exchange is from MJ's POV. It's to show stupid she is in comparison to Carlie, who "gets" Peter)

If you wanted an additional slice of Spidey!fail...

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Re: Mary Sue.

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Thanks, Cyber. Saved me the trouble. I'd also add that just the fact that Marvel is having Mary Jane--the former Mrs. Peter Parker no less--act like Carlie's biggest cheerleader for a Peter/Carlie pairing is a clear indication of how desperate Marvel is in the wake of OMD/OMIT.
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Re: Mary Sue.

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........... curse you Joe.....

Re: Mary Sue.

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