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Farscape #14 - now with more Scorpious

So, where we last left off, things looked VERY bad for Commandant Aeryn Sun, the newly promoted leader of the Peacekeeper force of the Uncharted Territories. The forces she was just barely able to defeat turned out to be the Grennij shock troops, not part of the entire Grennij armada, who are backed by the formidable Kkore armada. And as there are threats from without, there are threats from within, as former Commandant Grayza attempts a mutiny now that the Peacekeepers have come together as a formidable force.

Which means of course it's time for some Crichton seat-of-the-pants rescue. Spend the money and buy the issue or wait for the trade.

But my contribution to the exploration of this tale is not the Farscape heroes pulling miracles out of their ass, but of course the villains. Yummy, delicious villains.

But Scorpious, being who he is, doesn't offer kindness of any sorts. Since he couldn't find her, he left a message across all known space for her to find, when she did pop her head up from hiding.

For those who need translation: "Hi darling, I knew that you would survive the attack where you betrayed me and I left you for dead. No harm, no foul, we both knew what we were getting into. Villains dating villains, etc. Honey, because I care for you still, I wanted you to know that when I conquered our hated former slave-masters that you and I had sacrificed so much to bring down, that as a result of finally achieving that success I also had to wipe out your species from existence. I hope you understand."

There is so much cunning in Scorpious cold, deliberate, need to bring her emotions up and then completely and utterly shatter them to the ground. The twist in the dagger in the back is made all the more painful because Scorpious shows that he still cares for her.

Just wish the art was a liiiiiiitle bit more emotional.
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Our dear Braca deserted from Grayza's command, joined the fleet under Aeryn's command and got himself promoted to Admiral. I love his constant path of gaining promotions out of this whole mess. Farscape #13 and #14 were his first appearances in comics if I'm not mistaken.